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5 Facts about your Brain

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Human brain is a complexly amazing organ which is performing numerous functions that we are not even aware of. This highly efficient part of the body is not only responsible for us speaking, listening and walking, but also for the decisions we make and how we feel.

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Here are some facts that might be new to you or may be not:

  1. The brain is grayish from the outside and white from the inside. It is made up of specialized cells called neurons. The gray part is actually the collection of cell bodies of the neurons and the white part, also called the white matter consists of nerve fibers that are responsible to take the information from inside the brain to the outside and vice versa.
  2. The brain has wrinkles all over the surface. These are called the gyri and sulci.
  3. The brain has fluid filled spaces inside it. These spaces are called ventricles and they lighten the weight of the brain. The fluid present inside these spaces provide the brain with nourishment, cushion and protection. Not only this, it also produces buoyancy. The original weight of the brain is 1400gms but due to buoyancy produced by the fluid, the weight is reduced and becomes 50gms.
  4. The cells in the brain if damaged cannot regenerate. Therefore, any destruction of nerve cells within the brain whether due to accident, lesion or any other cause is permanent.
  5. Cerebrum is the biggest part of the brain that is responsible for all activities that your conscious is aware of. Unconscious activities are dealt in the cerebellum of the brain.



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