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5 Tips to Stop Your Digital ‘Addiction’

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In the bedroom

Life ‘connected’ to the Internet is essential for people who rely on it to keep themselves ahead of the competition.

However, this online ‘addiction’ to devices like your ‘smartphone’ or ‘tablet’, can affect your ‘offline’ lifestyle, believes Daniel Sieberg, product marketing manager for Google’s geolocation.

“There are people who abuse this technology, experience depression, loneliness, anxiety or problems with your partner, being so much time online,” says Sieberg.

Sieberg, author of “The Digital Diet ‘, lists some tips to keep a proper balance between your activity against a screen and your life with your friends and family.

“Do not take your smartphone with you to sleep. Though it has alarm functions, put it as far as possible and thereby avoid the temptation to wake up to see your cell . Take those five minutes to talk to your partner, look to the street, do something different, “says Sieberg, who joined Google a little over a year ago.


Measure your time online

During the day, Sieberg recommends that you should take into account how much time you spend looking at a particular site or social network.

“We often think: ‘The day has gone very fast and I have not done anything.’ Well, maybe in that, you’ve spent four hours on several websites, which you have not left anything worthwhile,” explains Sieberg , who visited Mexico City to deliver a speech to employees of the same technology.


At a meeting

How many times have you seen phones on the table in a restaurant or a cafe? This situation is not very polite in the digital arena, mentions Sieberg.

“If anything need to have your phone out, either because they are expecting an e-mail or a call, tell the other¬† person you are. If you do not expect anything, keep your computer in your pocket,” says the manager of Canadian origin.


Personal contact

In addition to e-mail, be sure not to lose the personal touch when making a business.

“You can do a whole negotiation by e-mail but I would suggest that those last five yards, which will give you full push towards the touchdown, do it in person. Never forget that a handshake or five minutes with someone can offer more knowledge of a person who two months of e-mail exchange, “Sieberg suggested.


Spend a day off

Sieberg recommends that within this ‘diet’ to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you sign out of your email and your phone for 24 hours.

“I suggest you to do it on on Sunday, where things may not have much impact right away or do not require your full attention. You will notice the difference in a short time and have more knowledge of what is happening around you and not only on your screen,” he says.



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