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5 useful tips for burning the extra fat

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The irony is, advancement in technology has made us lazy and fat. Who would want to walk up to the television to switch to another channel when you have remote right beside you? If you look around, not many people seem physically active as much as they should be. But if you are willing to look lean and smart, you have got to make those tiny changes in life.

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The following useful tips will definitely help in burning away the extra fat in your body:

  1. Squeeze 20-minute workout in your daily routine. A best 20-minute high intensity cardio does much better job than hours of steady state cardio. It burns up more fat while you are exercising and even hours after you are finished working out. You can squats, treadmill, hula hoop and bosu ball exercise. They are fun and effective.
  2. Add Calcium to your diet. It’s surprising that calcium has fat burning property and not many people know about it. Dairy products low in fat content; almonds, kale etc are calcium rich foods.
  3. Spicing up your foods is one way of eating less. Not only this, spicy food elevates the energy usage of the body.
  4. Fish as a fat burning food? Sounds fishy, no? Fish we all know is a highly nutritious part of the diet and it decreases the hormone of hunger that is Leptin. Leptin is produced by fat cells which influence the desire to eat.
  5. Add Green tea to your life for it helps in weight loss. This is not much a news but this tip is indeed quite useful. It works by boosting up the metabolic rate of the body.

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