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6 signs the diet you`ve chosen is not good for you

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Lose more than 10 pounds in 10 days, ideal body without exercises, minus 6 pounds in 3 days. In everyday life we are overwhelmed by hundreds of diet plans on how to lose weight without giving any effort. Although this commercials sound like the right solution in the battle with obesity, more of them are fake, give short period results or they can be harmful for the human body.


Now probably you ask yourself: “But how can I be sure which diet is bad if I have never tried it?”

This are the signs that will help you how to understand which diet is the right solution for you and which is not:

1. Requires less than 1200 calories daily.

The word calories shudders every woman on the planet and that’s a fact, but without calories people cannot live. The goal to fast results with rigorous diets restricts the number of calories under the minimal boundaries for women. Nutritionists always say that minimal amount of calories per day for women is 1200 and every diet involvingfewer calories is harmful and needs to be rejected.

2. Talks about some magical product.

Maybe you`ve heard about the grapefruit diet which indicates how this fruit contains a “magical” substance that burns fat or you`ve heard about the diet with a cabbage soup. These diets are great example for an unhealthy diet, they will help you lose calories in a short time but can be very dangerous.
There is no actual super food that can magically erase the lack of physical activity and frequent gorging.

3. Sound too good to be true.

20 pounds in two weeks, this sounds really alluring. Average healthy weight loss is calculated on 1 – 2 pounds a week. Now you decide which diets are healthier for you.

4. It doesn’t require for any physical activity.

Sorry but regular physical activity is must for a healthy life and weight loss. Healthy dietincludes 30 minutes of exercises three times a week.

5. Forbids greater group of foods.

There is nothing bad if a diet forbids chips, cakes and fried foods, but diets eliminating one or more classes of nutritious substances needs to be avoided.

6. Requires drastic changes in you eating habits.

You cannot change eating habits in a day, never try to do that because it’s a shock for your body. Diets that require drastic changes often evoke feelings of frustration and failure.

The key to a healthy body and mind is combining your habits with nutritionist advice and moderate physical activity.


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