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7 Easy Tips For a Healthy Tan

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The idea that a tan will help reduce skin damage when you are out in the sun the next time is simply a myth. While a good tan looks great and gives you that even tone, it takes both care and use of the right products to ensure that your tanning trips do not turn into precursors for skin cancer a few years down the line. Here are a few ways to get a healthy tan that allows you to keep away the risk of cancer, while still giving you the look you want.

Use a quality sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher
Never skip on the sunscreen while you are at the beach and ensure that you use one that is marked SPF 30 or higher. That ensures that you are protected from UV rays even on those days when the beach is a bit too hot to handle.

Prefer a broad spectrum sunscreen
Use a sunscreen that covers all the harmful rays which are a part of the spectrum of sunlight. This will offer protection against both UVA and UVB rays and will keep your skin safe while you are having a good time outside.

Use enough Sunscreen and use it everyday
The idea that you slap on some sunscreen only when you hit the beach or spend a long day outside is not entirely safe. Research has shown that your skin responds better to its usage and stays more protected if you use it regularly and enough of it.

Stylish hat and cool shades
How about getting a tan and looking great while doing so as well? Pick up a hat that protects you sufficiently from the sun and ensure that its fabric is not too thin. Use 100% UV-proof wraparound shades as well, to ensure that your eyes stay safe while you get a glowing tan.

Quality Tanning equipment
Use quality tanning equipment that is both relatively safe and is of high standard. Do not spend time on the mediocre tanning beds under artificial UV light for long. While few artificial tanning gear are fine, nothing beats the quality time under the sun.

Put away the tanning pills
Tanning pills are probably the worst way to get a tan and while they do give the result, putting something in your system just to get a bit of tan is not advisable one bit, according to experts world over.

Slap on some sunblock after a swim
Use proper amounts of sunscreen after every swim and clean yourself up good before you put it on. Water reduces the protection offered by sunblock and hence apply it on dry skin once again. If you are spending a lot of time in the water it is advisable to take a break once every couple of hours for reapplication of sunblock.

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