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Avoid These Diseases That Come Along with Obesity

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Obesity does not only stop people from worrying about wearing well-fitted dress or outfit. Obese people have higher risks to several diseases, which can lead to death. Check out some diseases that may appear due to obesity.


High Level of Cholesterol

Heart attacks and heart diseases are a few of several diseases, which is caused by high level of cholesterol. It is true that there are certain vitamins as well as hormones that are produced by cholesterol. Actually, every human’s body produces the numbers of cholesterol that the body needs for producing vitamins and hormones. Yet, saturated fats from fatty foods will increase the cholesterol level which is very harmful. Human’s body needs high-density lipprotein (HDL) which can be obtained by consuming good fatty acids like Omega-3 combined with Omega-6.


High Blood Pressure

This is one of the most significant results of obesity. Along with the increased of age and weight, there will be higher risk of high blood pressure in which any individual can suffer, even kids.

Breast Cancer

Obesity in a woman raises cancer risk for about 50%. With high level of fats within the body, there will be higher chances for a woman to suffer from breast cancers, or colon.


An obese person is prone to insulin resistance in which insulin will change the body’s s the blood glucose into the energy that the body’s need. If the body has overproduction of insulin, they can result to diabetes, which may lead to several diseases like strokes, and even blindness.

Obesity is not a genetic. It is the daily lifestyle which is inherited from predecessors. Everyone can just avoid obesity through regular exercises with proper intake of foods. It does not mean that everyone should only eat once in day because it can even lead to low immune system that jeopardize the whole body’s system. There should be a balance for what we eat and how we use the energy.


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