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Bean There Done That

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Thanks to a certain song about their magical properties, beans continue to get a bad rap, and that needs to change! Not only are they are great source of non-animal protein, they’re also very easy on the budget. When people think beans, their minds mostly go to either chili or baked beans, which are great, but if those are your only two recipes, then it’s easy to forget about including them more often in your meal rotation. Here are a few suggestions to make them more exciting:

  • creamy white beans: this works best if you’ve got dried beans and a lot of time on your hands, but the efffort is actually minimal (as is the case with pretty much any bean recipe to be honest). Simply put a 1:4 ratio of beans to water in a pot, along with some rosemary or thyme or both, a few peeled, whole garlic cloves and an onion that is peeled and cut in half length wise. Simmer the beans for a few hours (how long this takes will depend on the age and size of the bean) and season with salt and pepper once they reach the desired level of creamy-ness.
  • Versitile Black Beans: follow the basic instructions from above, omit the herbs, but include an orange that has been cut in half. If you’re feeling spicy, throw in some diced ¬†jalapeno or chipotle peppers.
  • Comforting Split Peas: maybe not technically a bean, but legume is close enough, and you follow the same method, so I’m counting it. This time, in addition to the garlic and onion, add some dice carrot and celery. Feel free to toss in whatever hearty herbs you like, and some dried mustard will add a nice subtle kick. Spilt peas tend to cook faster than beans, so keep a closer eye on it.

All three of these can be un-veganized by adding either a smoked ham hock during cooking or some  cooked bacon/other pork at the start, before you add the beans and water to the pot. They are all great on their own, but try experimenting by serving them with different grains, breads or veggies. You can even purree them for dips or spreads!

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