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Blood disorders

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They say blood is life. If you have any abnormality in your blood, that would affect all the systems of the body and also your over all health. Knowing the types and kinds of blood disorders is quite essential for us.

Before going into the types of blood disorders, let me very briefly tell you the components of blood cells. There are three types of blood cells found in our blood which reside in the plasma which is 70% of blood.

  1. Red Blood Cells that is responsible for gaseous exchange.
  2. White Blood Cells that is responsible for the defense mechanisms of the body. That is how the body combats with foreign agents that can harm it.
  3. Platelets, that is responsible for clotting of blood if there is some kind of injury. Platelets are not however, actual cells.

Coming back to the blood disorders let me tell list them up for you:

Anemia: Anemia is lack of sufficient amount or red blood cells, or the presence of abnormal red blood cells that cannot function properly. Types of anemia include:

  • Iron deficiency anemia (insufficient iron which is required for RBC synthesis)
  • Pernicious anemia (mal-absorption of Vit B12 and folic acid required for RBC synthesis)
  • Aplastic anemia (body fail to make RBCs)
  • Hemolytic anemia (more cells degraded than made. For example, sickle cell anemia, malaria)
  • Anemia may also be caused due to other reasons such as kidney diseases.

Bleeding disorders: these include diseases in which clotting of blood fails to occur.

  • Hemophilia (lack of clotting factors)
  • Von Willebrand Disease (lack of von Willebrand factor)

Blood cancers: When there is abnormally fast multiplication of cells.

  • Leukemia: (abnormal and rapid WBC production)
  • Lymphoma (cancerous cell growth in lymphatic)
  • Myeloma (attacks plasma cells to weaken immunity.)

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