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Business travel and health issues

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When doing business,eventually it will come time when you will have to go on an international business trip. Having taken necessary precautions can make difference. In order to make your trip safer, you should check the health situation in the country you are visiting. When going on a business trip the traveller is going through many time zones, attends meetings that can be stressful, meets totally unknown culture, all of this has an impact on the health of the businessman.

There is always pressure about the way you will present your ideas and your company, being in unknown surroundings with no support from colleagues, there is a chance of occurring psychological problem. Another factor that can bring emotional problem is the distance between the traveler and his family and friends, therefore contact with the family should be maintained regularly. If possible one should do something to relax, take a walk in the city or visit a fitness center, sauna or poll, go to cinema or for a drink.

When going on a business trip, it is good to have medications for sleep, diarrhea, antibiotics, and also vitamins and minerals. You may also need to take insect repellent, as some insects are carriers of contagious diseases, some even deadly. If you are going on a longer trip, it is good before departing to go for a regular exam at your health care provider; you may also want to discuss your trip. Before going in some countries you may need to take some vaccines. Vaccination for contagious diseases, such as malaria, when going in poorer countries is best option. Taking antibiotics during the stay significantly reduces the chance of occurring disease, but this is not recommended, because of side effects.


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