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Bye bye hair thinning

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Are your hair shredding like anything? Thinning of your hair may also shrink your self confidence and your beauty. So what can you do regain the volume of your precious hair? Following tips may help you get your desired volume:

Zero stress for zero hair fall is the formula for beautiful thick hair. Take a deep breath and kick the word ‘stress’ out of your dictionary. A bonus tip is, exercise for at least 20 to 30minutes. This will elevate the circulation throughout the course of your scalp and hence promote hair health.

Loss of hair may be due to the some sort of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So in order to know if you are suffering from any deficiency, you need to see a doctor.

The secret ingredients for healthy hair are anti-oxidants. Fruits are rich in anti-oxidants and so are veggies. Try to consume food stuff that is rich in vitamins such as C and E.

Keep your scalp dandruff free because fungus is also responsible for hair loss.

Do you know there is a relation of the hair loss and hair thinning with digestion? Take care of your GIT in order to keep hair healthy. If you have constipation and diarrhea, you better see a doctor.

Keep iron in your diet because deficiency of iron is also an important factor for hair loss and thinning.

100 strands of hair shedding is normal, but if you think there is a lot hair damage and loss, you can use certain home remedies such as apple cidar vinegar etc.



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