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Can We Avoid Our Kids from Childhood Obesity?

By on April 7, 2013 in Health with 0 Comments


Obesity in childhood becomes a common phenomenon these days. It is obvious that kids, these days, rarely do outdoor activities like kids on past decades. Most of them stay in front of their video games or television while munching snacks which contain lots of sugars. Though obesity has hereditary influence, it can be avoided at the earliest stage when parents really can control their kids’ habits and lifestyle. The most important thing is that parents should be able to become a good example in showing healthy habits and lifestyle as well.

The tendency of childhood obesity is higher on some groups of ethnic where European or North American kids are prone to suffer from this condition. Kids from overweight parents have higher chances in suffering from obesity, as well. Childhood obesity will make kids are prone to some diseases, especially when they reach their teen ages. They can suffer from high cholesterol, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and even lever diseases.


If you are parents with kids who have higher chances to suffer from obesity, it is the right time to get rid of those unhealthy habits. Begin with the eating lifestyles when parents usually sit in front of the television and munching junk foods. We know that junk foods are very common to be daily consumption. Yet, it causes various risks that everyone has been familiar with. Replace the habits with eating food, which have lots of fibers like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Well, it is hard for kids to eat veggies, but parents should be creative enough in creating such healthy recipes so that kids can still eat veggies and fruits.

Another good habit is doing more exercise. Trying to use bicycle or walking to some close places instead of taking cars. So, there are so many easy ways to avoid obesity and we should start now before it is too late.


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