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Cardiovascular Exercise Tips

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The cardio or aerobic exercises are those that increase the heart rate. In simple words, they are those with whom we feel that the heart beats faster. We then breathe harder, perspire and shake like never before. For that reason, they are excellent for a healthy heart and lungs, and also burns calories quickly.

Running, swimming and biking, for example, are cardiovascular exercises. Here are some examples of cardiovascular training:

Doing intervals or sprinting

This is a brief interval in the exercise at a pace that is much faster and stronger. These brief intervals of intense exercise help you burn more calories and increase endurance, and of course increase the cardio. The sprint is a great trick to accentuate the benefits of cardiovascular exercise .

For example, if you are practicing bike at a moderate pace, try pedaling quickly for one minute. You will feel in that minute that you have exercise intensely almost twice as what you came by.

Use your arms

The vast majority of cardio exercises focus on the work of the legs, so another way to increase performance is by adding the work of the arms whenever possible. For example, when running on the treadmill in the gym, do not lean your arms on the armrest but move them to complement the movement of your legs.

Incorporate strength

Cardiovascular exercises burn calories with high intensity movements, but also can be supplemented with exercise to strengthen muscles. For example, walking, running or pedaling uphill, or use the resistance of water in the pool to tone muscles.

Make cardio exercise more than 2 per week

One way to get more out of the training is to vary the exercises that are practiced, as well as further increaseing the resistance and strength. If you go to the gym three times a week, try walking or biking on your way to the gym at least once.


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