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Carrots improve night vision

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Rabbits love carrots; and so do most people I know. Crunchy carrots make are great for improving your vision and this is why all those who wear glasses due to weak vision should make a habit of consuming carrots. Do you know that ½ cup of cooked carrots give you? Thy give you:

Calories: 27

Protein: 0.59gm

Fiber: 2.3gm

Other than that, carrots also give you vitamins and minerals that are vital for bodily functions.

Minerals which carrots offer:

Carrots contain the following minerals and some are found in quite less amount.

Potassium – 183 mg

Phosphorus – 23 mg

Magnesium – 8 mg

Selenium – 0.2 mcg

Calcium – 23 mgIron – 0.27 mg

Zinc – 0.3 mg

Copper – 0.052 mg

Manganese – 0.062 mg

Sodium – 5 mg

Vitamins which carrots offer:

Carrots contain the following vitamins and some are found in quite less amount.

Vitamin A – 13286 IU

Vitamin C – 2.8 mg

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) – 0.051 mg

Vitamin E – 0.8 mg

Vitamin B6 – 0.119 mgVitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 0.034 mg

Niacin – 0.503 mg

Folate – 11 mcg

Vitamin B5 – 0.181 mg

Vitamin K – 10.7 mcg

Health benefits of carrots:

Some healthy facts about carrots are as follows:

  • Carrots are abundantly rich in vitamins and minerals as mentioned above as well as also in anti-oxidants and fiber content.
  • Carrots are best source of vitamin-A and carotenes. Flavinoids are also found in carrots which are good for lungs and skin etc.
  • Vitamin A present in carrots promotes epithelial growth, reproductive function, vision at night and has many other physiological functions as well.
  • Other than that, carrots are rich in vitamin C and also in other anticancer chemicals.




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