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The Advantages of Hiring the Best Office Manager

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For any business to run smoothly, the people at the top must possess certain traits. This is also true of office managers and the best ones have a distinct set of skills that ensure the trains are always running on time.

Looking for a new office manager? Make sure that prospective candidates have as many of the following attributes as possible:

Impeccably Organized

This goes without saying, but you would be surprised how many office managers claim this skill, but only have entry level abilities. The best not only know where everything is, they know who should be where, when they will be back, what is the best time to call suppliers, how many clients are due today, and, well, everything you can think of essentially. No office is lacking in detail, but a great office manager ensures no detail is out of place.

Roll with the Punches

Even the most efficiently run office will experience the occasional crisis. The best office managers know how to deal with such situations in a way that will solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Keeps All the Balls in the Air

A superior office manager can deal with many things at once and not forget to complete any of these tasks. Both customer satisfaction and employee confidence never suffer under the stewardship of an office pro.

Always Accessible

Top office managers are easy to talk to and willing to listen. Their door is always open and they encourage input from staff and the public.


In addition to being good listeners, the greatest office managers are also adept communicators. They know the best way to share knowledge, offer encouragement, and answer questions. Everything is explained clearly without a word wasted. This talent is used in equal measure with fellow employees, the public, and other stakeholders.

Marketing on the Web Requires Special Knowledge and Skills

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Remember the early days of the web? People would put up websites covering their personal interests and then, as more and more of the population got online, businesses really started to follow suit. Those early pages were threadbare affairs that often had little more than the name of the store, a picture of the exterior, an address, and a phone number.

However, things evolved quickly. Business owners soon began to realize that the web could be a hugely significant way to not only generate traffic to their store, but also create online sales. Some were savvy enough to figure out the best way to do this, but many struggled initially.

Fortunately, experts emerged and offered their services on how to best take advantage of the e-marketing phenomenon, which really took flight with the rise of Google. That company’s importance as the predominant search engine, and their increasingly significant methods of penalizing those using underhanded methods, left many unsure of how to proceed.

This is where digital marketing agencies come in. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of precise strategies that allow companies to generate high search engine rankings, while adhering to the rules set out by organizations like Google. Digital marketing agencies must have this expertise in their arsenal in order to ensure that their clients receive the rankings they need to generate traffic and sales.

But how do you know if a digital marketing agency has the skills and up-to-date knowledge to deliver? If you are looking for SEO in Kitchener Waterloo, TrafficSoda – digital marketing agency is an excellent choice. The company has extensive experience helping area companies of all types attain their online marketing goals. They also employ people who are well versed in the world of digital marketing, stay on top of the latest developments, and know how to successfully revise their approach when needed.

The Power of Power Naps

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productivityandsleepAlthough napping generally has a negative connotation in the workplace, more and more companies are moving toward mid day napping breaks (or opportunities). Scientists are now saying that napping for 10 to 30 minutes during the day will significantly contribute to people’s alertness and productivity. This is why companies like Google are encouraging people to get the rest they need, no matter what time of day it is.

Businesses have figured out that the time an individual loses by taking a nap is actually made up by their increased productivity (and overall happiness in their job).

By definition, a nap is a brief amount of sleeping, which often happens in the middle of the day. It was first popularized by Hispanic countries, specifically in Spain, where people used to take afternoon naps (Siesta), often after lunch. This tradition was passed on to other Hispanic American countries, were field workers take few minutes from their work day to sleep for thirty minutes to one hour. Currently, more and more countries are adapting to this tradition of napping including European countries like Greece and United Kingdom.

However, with the hectic lives that most people live today, napping seems to be an underrated practice, especially in corporate offices. Hard work is now measured with the extended hours spent in the office. Scientist continue to challenge this recent norm by encouraging business owners and managers to include nap time as part of the basic breaks given to the employees. With work demands identified as the top causes of stress, the mere inclusion of nap becomes more relevant. Studies support the role of naps in reducing stress levels among the people who did it regularly. A possible reason for this is the minutes of break that the mind and body gets from napping, which likewise makes the person feeling revitalized. This kind of effect from naps may not be immediately felt, especially by people who are new to such activity. Nap researchers contend that it is completely normal to feel groggy right after a nap, and the positive effects will often be felt at least an hour after waking up. Naps are also believed to improve memory and comprehension in the long run.

napatworkFor those who are struggling to exercise, napping might just be the easiest and cheapest energizer. With its revitalizing effect, it has also been linked to providing sufficient energy to people for other physical activities, aside from fueling work productivity. with this, naps prove to be a good preparation for after office workouts, with the guarantee o feeling less exhausted after. All these simple but significant benefits establish that nap is not just a thing for children, but is even much needed by adults.

Unfortunately, napping does not come easy for everyone, especially when it needs to be done in public places like offices. Ironically, normal sleepers seem to find it easier to nap during midday than those who constantly lack sleep. For starters, it is best to do it over the weekend or any specific vacant time where there is an opportunity to sneak in a nap. It is crucial to commit to including nap as a part of the daily routine. Eventually, nap can be the healthy alternative to energy drinks and coffee just to stay alert during the day.

Top Tips in Getting The Best Employee of the Year Award

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You have been working for more than five years and now you wonder how good you are at your workplace right now. This is because there is no significant increase in both your level and salary. It means, this is the right time to make a breakthrough to improve your career by becoming the darling of your boss.

First of all, be punctuate and motivated. Though it sounds obvious, it might be harder to apply the latter. Coming to the office earlier can make you feel motivated because you are hereready to face the challenge each day. Sitting in the office when there are still very few people around can make it easier for you to concentrate well. Motivate yourself for reaching your best future. If necessary, place some quotes about self-improvement to boost your motivation.

Keep in mind that your appearance does matter. In this case, old saying: ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’ does not apply. Good performance comes from confidence and high confidence is born from clean and tidy appearance. Do not just look impressive during an interview only, but maintaining good performance is a serious consideration to take by every employee.

The next thing to do is to maximize your workday. You have eight hours to work and you should use those hours effectively. Without wasting too much time, you can meet the deadlines and you will avoid your boss’ grumbles. This is as important as opening up your mind by cooperating with the whole team members. All co-workers should cooperate well for the best achievement that the company gets.

They are very simple to apply and they do not cost a single dime. If you ever think that getting the best employee of the year award can be done easily, why not start changing your work habits now?


Challenge Yourself by Changing Your Career

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Almost all employees always consider in changing their career and I am sure that you once had such desire in your mind. Or, this is the thing that you want to do though you do not have any courage to start a brand new job. It requires wise thinking and enough skills to move on so that things will be as scary as you think.

First, you need to think further about your current jobs. Is your main reason to work right now is merely for paying your daily needs or your credit cards’ bills? Is your career stuck because you only do what your boss says and there is no innovative idea from you? If you answer ‘YES’ to all questions, then you really should find another job which really can bring great spirit for you to work and reveal your idea. It will make you are honored as an individual and you will get higher chances to improve your career.

Next, you will have several career options in your mind and you still do not know which kind of career that you should step into. So, it is the time to narrow down your career search by considering about several aspects such as:

  • The education or degree requirements with certain certifications
  • The amount of salary that you will get and the reduction for union fees or taxes
  • The level that you have to go through
  • The location of the job; whether it is out of town or abroad
  • The age requirement

Now, let’s say that you have considered all those points above and you have decided to opt for the best career that you have been dreaming off. Then, this is the time for you to start the challenge by maximizing your skills and ability. It is the best opportunity to show off that you deserve the best achievement though you still have to learn to earn.

Efficient Home Business for Starters

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Starting a home-based business is not an easy task because a business owner should handle everything properly. When it comes to budget management, there should be wise considerations from business owners. Even small things can cost dearly because most business owners just buy them without further thoughts that those small things have great total amount. So, when it is impossible to save money on big stuff, let’s take a look on how a newly built business owner can save much on cost and time for gaining bigger profits.

First, it is wiser to choose office tools with affordable prices without compromising quality. They may include ink cartridges, stationery, flexible office furniture, free yet legitimate software, and other equipment with reduced prices. The internet will be the best sources in finding discounted office equipment. Besides, business owners do not have to waste time in finding office equipment from one retail store to another. Maximizing the internet can be done through sending emails instead of sending paper letters to clients as there will be high cost reduction on paper purchase.


Next, it is important to find helpers for dealing with home tasks. Clean house can bring better mind and feel for business owners because they will feel comfortable on their home-based office. This is an important task because it is impossible for a business owner to handle his or her business and household tasks at the same time, especially for working-at-home moms who have small kids. The existence of helpers can bring higher productivity and avoid business owners to get sick due to tiredness.

However, it is also vital in managing multitask jobs because it can save much in terms of employment budget. A business owner should be able to be administrative staff as well as director for his or her business. It is not an easy, nor difficult task when a business owner is persistent and serious enough in managing his or her home-based business.

Business and anxiety

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Anxiety is something which is inflicted to adults. It is a word which stands for fear, apprehension, restlessness, worry and nervousness. The feelings of anxiety also means danger is near. Anxiety can mean a burglar entering a house and the tenant suffers from strict episodes of anxiety.

This is one form of anxiety and completely normal at that.

Apart from this, anxiety can become uncontrollable and become a dreadful nightmare for a few individuals. Anxiety can create fear and awe for no clear reason at all. Such anxiety attacks are disastrous.

Forms of anxiety

There are various forms of anxiety such as constant nagging; sudden panic attack and fear of something are all forms of anxiety.

General anxiety disorder

The general anxiety disorder is directly related to constant anxiety. It’s not related to a situation or an event. For example, a person with general anxiety disorder will worry about the health of a perfectly normal child.

Four million American have the general anxiety disorder. Its acronym is GAD. Women have it more than men do. General anxiety disorder begins from age 20 to 25.

Worry too much

People worry a lot and its completely normal. The sings of general anxiety disorder are that worrying too much about daily life. There are certain signs of general anxiety disorder which are examined below:

  • Trouble sleeping or lack of sleep can’t be ruled out
  • Tension in the muscles


  • Constant apprehension
  • Nausea
  • Mouth dryness
  • Dizziness
  • Heartbeat becomes fast
  • Feeling weary
  • Seizures
  • Breath shortness
  • Feeling nervous all the time
  • Lack of concentrating
  • Agitation
  • Irritation
  • Anxiety pertaining to something

If any of these symptoms are found in a human then a therapist or a psychiatrist must be brought up for examination. It can be cured unlike depression which takes more than therapy.

Anxiety is just a state of mind and therefore it can be rectified.

Mud baths – health from the soil

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One of the most interesting methods of alternative medicine is mud bath, it has been performed especially in European spas for centuries and it is quite popular treatment for arthritis, it does improves the condition of those who have arthritis or other diseases disorders that involve inflammation. A bath of mud is usually found in areas that are associated with hot springs and volcanic ash, but also with lakes, seas, one of the most famous natural mud bath locations is the Dead Sea.


Today you can have a mud bath everywhere, spa and beauty centers offer more varieties of mud baths, the mud or the soil used for the bath is usually mixture of clay, volcanic ash, seaweed and other material with high percent of minerals, all this is soaked in spring or mineral water. The mixture is heated to a certain degree that will give you enjoyable experience.

Mud baths are proven in their efficiency when it comes to inflammation, they possess anti – inflammatory properties, besides arthritis, having mud bath can be beneficial to treatment of psoriasis, spondylitis and rosacea. The abundance of minerals in some of the substances in the mud bath is also good for your skin, can help with acne and itchy skin, potassium, sodium and magnesium can help soothe the skin and give healthier look.

Although spa and beauty centers are probably the best place you can go for a mud bath, there is also possibility to do these at home, for less money. There is also possibility to visit natural bath sites, there is mud, thermal, and saltwater baths all around the world, most of them are tourist resorts, such as the mud baths of Turkey, the region of the town Dalyan is believed that was visited by Cleopatra for its famous natural mud baths.

Spa Tourism

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Health and spa tourism are one of the most rapidly evolving sectors of the tourism industry, the growth of this sector is of course due to increased interest by tourists into alternative medicine and traditional methods of healing, such as massage, spas, mud bath, hot springs etc. This sector is one of the new sectors of tourism and there is not much information on it. However it is certain that spa and wellness tourism as a form of health tourism and a way to relax is one of the fastest growing.


Although it is a form of health tourism, most of the visitors’ main reason for visiting a spa center is the relaxation. It is good solution for escaping from reality for a while and enjoy.  It is also a way to reduce stress, promote weight loss and exercise effects and other health reasons. Massages are the most preferred treatment in all of their varieties; others are the mud baths and hydrotherapies and combinations of more methods into one treatment.

No matter if it is a day spa or spa resort it is most certain that well equipped center would include: swimming pools, steam bath, sauna, physical fitness or fitness center, restaurant or facility where healthy and organic foods are being served, establishment for older and disabled. Spa centers have employed medical professionals and stuff, such as trainers and instructors, but also nutritionist and diet planners etc.

Spa tourism is good for the environment too; it can be promoter of countries natural resources and act in preservation of the same, such as geysers and hot springs, lagoons, lakes and seas. The income from the spa centers can be used to preserve the natural surroundings around the spa centers, help reduce waste and pollution and promote eco – tourism.

Saunas – Is this worldwide business good for your health?

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The word sauna comes for Finnish and it refers to bathhouse. The first sauna also came from Finland, but today saunas are spread all around the world, they are literally everywhere. There are also sauna and spa centers built for so called healing tourism. So is this just a business or is it actually good for your health.


Sauna is a room with high temperature, there are many different types of saunas now, and one classification of the saunas is on wet and dry. But the effects it has on the body are nearly similar in all. It is heated to a certain point of temperature, ranging from 40 C° (104 F°) to very high such as 85 C° (185 F°). While you are in the sauna you start to sweat intensely and you can lose half a liter or more of sweat. Your heart starts to work much faster, pumping more blood, around 30 % more. The blood flow is growing mostly in the skin, while it is declining in the internal organs. The effect on the blood pressure differs from person to person.

When everything is taken in consideration, the use of the sauna does not seem to be dangerous if you take some precautions. People with heart disease and artery diseases should check with their doctors before entering a sauna. Those with high blood pressure, more severe heart diseases should stay away for their own better. Before going in sauna a healthy person should consider staying in there for no more than 20 minutes and when out try to cool down gradually. It is best to avoid medications and use of alcohol before entering. After the sauna treatment it is good to drink more liquid, because you have lost plenty.

Business travel and health issues

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When doing business,eventually it will come time when you will have to go on an international business trip. Having taken necessary precautions can make difference. In order to make your trip safer, you should check the health situation in the country you are visiting. When going on a business trip the traveller is going through many time zones, attends meetings that can be stressful, meets totally unknown culture, all of this has an impact on the health of the businessman.

There is always pressure about the way you will present your ideas and your company, being in unknown surroundings with no support from colleagues, there is a chance of occurring psychological problem. Another factor that can bring emotional problem is the distance between the traveler and his family and friends, therefore contact with the family should be maintained regularly. If possible one should do something to relax, take a walk in the city or visit a fitness center, sauna or poll, go to cinema or for a drink.

When going on a business trip, it is good to have medications for sleep, diarrhea, antibiotics, and also vitamins and minerals. You may also need to take insect repellent, as some insects are carriers of contagious diseases, some even deadly. If you are going on a longer trip, it is good before departing to go for a regular exam at your health care provider; you may also want to discuss your trip. Before going in some countries you may need to take some vaccines. Vaccination for contagious diseases, such as malaria, when going in poorer countries is best option. Taking antibiotics during the stay significantly reduces the chance of occurring disease, but this is not recommended, because of side effects.

Sprinklers Now Compulsory for New South Wales Nursing Homes

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Every residential nursing home and care center in New South Wales now must have a competent and well-functioning sprinkler system in place by 2016, at the farthest, to ensure that it still continues to offer its services.

That is pretty much what the latest legislation mandates and it is a move that has been welcomed by many, not just across the country, but also across the globe.

There is no doubt that every individual who is being cared for in a nursing home deserves the best safety facilities that can be possibly provided and having an able sprinkler system to deal with fire hazards definitely should have been mandatory long time back.

The new mandatory sprinklers rule was brought about after state authorities found that about 55 percent of the existing nursing homes did not have any such system in place. And the government has asked care centers to install fire safety systems and sprinklers within 18 months and if that is not possible due to financial constraints, then the deadline will be extended to 2016, with periodical reviews.

While safety experts and ordinary citizens welcome the initiative, many of the care homes are understandably worried. While they too would like to provide every safety measure possible, the growing costs of running care homes along with the lack of sufficient government funds might mean that many of them might even have to close down a year or two down the line, thanks to the new rule.

Considering the nature of those living in care homes and how quickly fire hazards can lead to dangerous situations, the government feels at this point that compromising on the issue might lead to serious consequences. Hence it is better to enforce the new regulation than to back down due to fiscal concerns.