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Risk factors for stroke

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It has been proven through meticulous research that some factors could potentiate one’s risk of suffering from stroke. Some of these risk factors can be controlled, meaning avoided and there are some that are beyond one’s capability as far as controlling or prevention is concerned. Below are some of the factors that we can at least have some degree of control towards them;

1. Smoking or the use of tobacco. The risk factor of suffering from stroke is usually increased in people that smoke and the risk increases with the frequency and amount of smoking per individual.

2. Obesity is also another risk factor that can expose one to having a stroke in the long run, the good thing, however is we can control it by choosing to cut down on our body weight.

3. The use of alcohol is another factor that definitely will increase your risk of suffering from stroke and some other related diseases especially those affecting the liver.

4. People that suffer from some of the following diseases could have their risk of suffering from stroke highly increased and so they could suffer from stroke secondarily. Some of these conditions include the following among others, diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and other circulation problems.





The other factors that we cannot really have any control include the following;

1. Family history. If anybody in the family lineage especially a close relative had suffered from stroke before, then your risk of suffering from stroke is a little bit higher and so careful screening and monitoring should be implemented.

2. Age is another factor that increases your risk of suffering from stroke because it increases with age, which is according to research and so the aged are at an increased risk that the young.

3. Gender is another factors as well as stroke is more common in men than in women so being male is on its own a risk factor of suffering from stroke.

Some other factors like having suffered from a previous stroke are also under the uncontrollable factors. So in conclusion, we have seen a good number of factors that could predispose you to stroke and so if you have any of them, then the necessary preventive measures should be initiated.


Facts about Whey protein

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We would be nothing without proteins. From our genetic make-up, to the skin which is covered by hair, and the significant cellular structures inside the cell, all are made up of proteins. Not only at a cellular level are proteins the building blocks, but for the gross structures as well. The importance of intake of appropriate amount of proteins in diet cannot be denied at all. But what kind of protein is whey protein?

Whey protein is derived as a by-product when cheese is made from cow milk. It contains peptides, salt, water and fats. Milk is made up of two major proteins. Casein is the one which we all know about; the second one is ‘Whey’ protein which we are discussing right now. This leftover protein gives you so many benefits if you include it in your diet.

What benefits does this globular protein have to offer?

Whey protein carries essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are those amino acids that cannot be made by the body.

The two important whey proteins in cow’s milk are alpha-lactalbumin and beta-lactoglobulin. The role of alpha-lactalbumin is important for synthesis of neurotransmitter ‘serotonin’ which has impact on our mood. Beta-lactoglobulin helps fat soluble vitamins in absorption.

Whey proteins are rich in Glutathione which has anti-oxidant property thus not letting the free oxygen radicals damage the cells.

These are also rich in branched chain amino acids which have quite a role in repair of the broken muscles. Whey proteins are best for body builders because after huge amount of workouts, the requirement of proteins is increased. Whey proteins are easily digestible and also lower the levels of stress hormone which is released after stressful exercises.

Learn about your thyroid

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Thyroid glands have a significant role in the metabolism of the body. We normally hear about people suffering from abnormal thyroid conditions such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, simple goiter or multi-nodular goiter etc. But do you know about the normal functions and role of thyroid gland in the body? Here is an overview of location, secretions and functions thyroid gland:

Thyroid gland, a paired butterfly shaped gland which is connected by isthamus, is present in front of the trachea or the wind pipe which is stimulated by the higher centers that are the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. This essential endocrine gland secretes three major hormones. These are:

  1. T3 (Tri-iodothyronine which is a more potent form)
  2. T4 (Thyroxin)
  3. Calcitonin

T3 and T4 are majorly involved in the metabolism of the body. These require iodine for their synthesis. Calcotonin is responsible for depositing calcium within the bones when the calcium level is high in blood. This hormone works in opposition to parathhormone of the parathyroid gland.

Thyroid hormones have many physiological functions for example it influences many enzymes, has essential role in normal growth and development of the body. More so, thyroid hormones have quite a stimulatory effect on the nervous system causing alertness, wakefulness and improving learning capacity and memory.

Embryologically, thyroid gland is at first present behind the tongue but it moves downwards and reaches at the level of the neck behind the windpipe before birth of the child. There are also cases of abnormality in the location and function of the gland congenitally.

5 Facts about your Brain

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Human brain is a complexly amazing organ which is performing numerous functions that we are not even aware of. This highly efficient part of the body is not only responsible for us speaking, listening and walking, but also for the decisions we make and how we feel.

puzzle brain

Here are some facts that might be new to you or may be not:

  1. The brain is grayish from the outside and white from the inside. It is made up of specialized cells called neurons. The gray part is actually the collection of cell bodies of the neurons and the white part, also called the white matter consists of nerve fibers that are responsible to take the information from inside the brain to the outside and vice versa.
  2. The brain has wrinkles all over the surface. These are called the gyri and sulci.
  3. The brain has fluid filled spaces inside it. These spaces are called ventricles and they lighten the weight of the brain. The fluid present inside these spaces provide the brain with nourishment, cushion and protection. Not only this, it also produces buoyancy. The original weight of the brain is 1400gms but due to buoyancy produced by the fluid, the weight is reduced and becomes 50gms.
  4. The cells in the brain if damaged cannot regenerate. Therefore, any destruction of nerve cells within the brain whether due to accident, lesion or any other cause is permanent.
  5. Cerebrum is the biggest part of the brain that is responsible for all activities that your conscious is aware of. Unconscious activities are dealt in the cerebellum of the brain.

Your Brain and Chocolate

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Are you one of the many people who can’t imagine life without chocolates? Is it just the pleasant taste that you admire or is there something else too? The following information will clarify your love for chocolate.


Chocolate is more than a packet full of surprises and delight. It carries some astonishing compounds that have the potential to make you happy and high. One that you must already know about is caffeine which has a stimulatory effect on our nervous system. Wait, there are more.

You’ll be shocked to know that chocolate also contains small amounts of a compound named tetrahydrocannabinol-9 which closely resembles the active ingredient in marijuana and morphine. Thank god we are lucky to buy this wonder drug whenever we want without any prescription!

Other than these psychoactive agents, chocolate is packed with Phenylethylamine. This is the same compound which is named the ‘love drug’ because it circulates in your blood when you are crazy and excited in love.

The phenomenon by which chocolate makes you happy is that it stimulates the release of specific chemicals that are responsible for producing pleasure. The compounds found in chocolate encourage neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin which then stimulate pleasure-inducing chemicals by acting on the receptors present inside the brain.

Apart from that, it is also interesting to know that chocolate not only makes you happy but it also alleviates pain. Philosophically, eating chocolate is a hedonistic pursuit, which means when we eat it, we are striving for pleasure for ourselves. We experience comfort, gratification and delight by it.

With all of these amazing ingredients that flood our body with the pleasure-causing chemicals and endorphins, how can we not fall for chocolates after all?

A perfect skincare routine for all types of skin

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Your skin protects you from the harsh condition of the environment and it demands care in return. To preserve the beauty of the skin, you need to know about a perfect skincare routine that needs to be followed.


No matter what type of skin you’ve got, be it dry, normal or oily, the following skincare routine is perfect for all skin types:

Cleansing- the primary step:

Cleansing is very important for all skin types. There are a variety of cleansers and face washes of renowned brands available. All you need to do is get one for yourself. Normally, for dry skin, alcohol free, for oily skin, oil free and for normal skin, face wash for normal skin is recommended. Cleansing leaves your skin dirt free.


Moisturizing is important because it nourishes your skin and especially if you have a dry skin all the time. For those with oily skin, oil free moisturizers help.


Removing debris of dead cells from the skin is vitally important for a radiant and glowing skin. You can use body lotion, exfoliating gloves, purnice stone or other skincare exfoliating products.

Skin protection:

Sunlight is a threat to your innocent skin; you need to protect it from damage caused by UV rays and the heat of the sun. Wearing a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 will help you protect your skin from the harmful radiations.

Things to remember:

Following this skincare routine regularly will help get softer, smoother and cleaner skin. Make sure you remove all sorts of make up from your face before you sleep, eat colorful and healthy food and increase your water intake.

Habits that will keep your skin young

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Flawless and spot-free skin is a sign of a healthy body. If you take good care of yourself and have a healthy lifestyle, no one can stop your skin to stay young for a long period of time. No matter how hard your life is, you should still make sure you carry out the following habits that will keep your skin glowing, lively and young no matter how old you are.

Eat healthy, Drink Well:

In order to nourish your skin, you need to eat and drink well. Adding a lot fruits and veggies to your diet will do the trick. Eat the foods that help in increasing the circulation towards the skin. Vitamins which have anti-oxidant property will also help your skin fight off the toxins and prevent the phenomenon of aging.

Drink plentiful water to make sure the skin is hydrated. Hydrated skin is glowing and wrinkle-free.

Get your beauty sleep:

Good night’s sleep not only makes you fresh over all, but it also aids in healing the wear and tear of the skin. Lack of sleep normally results in dark circles under the eyes.

Exercise helps:

Exercising increases the blood circulation throughout the body including the skin. Increased circulation will help the skin to get rid of the harmful unwanted wastes from the body. The best part is, when you make exercise a habit, you sleep comfortably and thus wake up with a glowing skin.

Other healthy habits include the following:

  • Try to be less exposed to the heat and sun throughout the day because it damages your skin severely.
  • Wear sun block and keep the skin clean and moisturized.
  • Stay away from alcohol and smoking for it has a bad impact on the skin.

Conceal your real age by a younger looking skin!

Make oily skin better

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There is nobody I know who likes to have oily skin. Oily face looks quite unpleasant and dirty and it also true that carrying an oily face everywhere is even more unpleasant. To make oily skin better, you can carry out some simple remedies that will definitely help you get a lowing oil free skin.


Following are easy and simple tricks of clearing up the oil from your face to give you a better skin:

Use face wash for oily skin twice a day:

To remove the sebum off your pretty face, you need to grab a face wash which is specifically designed for oily skin. Washing your face with it will help wash away the dirt and oil leaving a smoother oil free skin.

Almond and Honey paste:

Natural remedies are a blessing I tell you. The ingredients are not only easy to get, but they work surprisingly well. Take for example, almond and honey. You make a paste using these two magical contents and apply it your face. Don’t be too hard on your skin, apply gently. After a while, wash it away. This almond honey mask will give you a healthy drier skin.

Egg yolk for quickly treating oily skin:

Egg yolk on face? No I am not kidding. Egg yolk is the best remedy for getting a drier skin instantly. This is because it absorbs the oil nicely and dries off quickly. Keep this mask for about 10 minutes and wash your face with cold water.

Make sure you clean your skin properly after using make up. This is because make-up particles together with oil clog skin pores and this can lead to acne.

What is the link between irregular periods and caffeine?

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A cup of coffee makes busy life a little easy. For all the lady caffeine lovers out there, do you know there is a link between irregularities in monthly menstrual cycle and caffeine intake?

Menstrual irregularity which is technically called Oligomenorrhoea, is something that lots of girls and women suffer from. There are a lot of reasons for this condition. High level of caffeine intake is one of the reasons according to recent studies and statistics.

What impact does caffeine have on the irregularity of menses?

Well, it has become clear that due to increased frequency of caffeine intake, the blood supply to the uterus is restricted. This consequently affects the menstrual phase of the reproductive cycle. Not only this, caffeine also poses risks of Pre-menstrual syndrome. This condition is expressed by mood swings, cramps, backache, bloating etc.

Because it has its affect on the end-arteries, it also results in elevating the heart rate and ultimately the blood pressure. All of this makes the person anxious, sleepless and tensed.

Caffeine also has its affects on the level of our stress hormones. By triggering the release of stress hormones, caffeine stimulates the sympathetic system of the body also known as the fight or flight response. This state is itself a harmful state of the body.

How to attain regularity in periods?

To stay away from issues regarding this cycle, you better keep a check on your diet. Meditation, physical exercises and healthy routine might help relieve stress. Try to consume less or no amount of caffeine whether in the form of sodas, energy drinks or coffee etc. and go for fresh juices and water instead,

Surprisingly, studies suggest an apple can keep you up all night. So why choose caffeine then?

School Anxiety – 5 Tips for Helping Your Children Start a New School Year

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After months of holidays, when the back-to-school days are near, most kids develop a condition we call school anxiety.  Helping your children start a new school year can come up as a challenge for you. If you are an experienced parent, and your first child was a sweetheart who never made going back to school an issue for you, but your younger child is giving you a hard time, you must stay positive and search for all possible ways of overcoming your child’s school anxiety.


Here are 5 of the finest tips that can be used as a tool in order to help your child get rid of school anxiety:

  1. Make your child feel better about school:

 Most kids open up quite easily when you make an effort to find out the problems they are facing. As a responsible parent, you should make the parent-child bond stronger by simply guiding your kid through this transition.

Begin with how he will get to play his favorite game with his fellows and about the interesting things he will come across.

  1. Help your kid cope up with the routine:

Manage your child’s routine many days before school. Get him to bed early and make him get up at school time, brush their teeth and have breakfast. This way, when the school re-opens, there would be less change in routine.

  1. Do not miss the orientation day:

If your child is going to a new school, make sure you don’t miss the orientation day. Once your child would become familiar with the environment, the school anxiety would start going away.

  1. Make sure your child is comfortable with the teacher and the other mates:

Make sure you arrange a sitting with the teacher so that your child opens up to her and feels comfortable in her presence. Same is the case with the classmates.

  1. Stay positive and try not to overreact:

As a parent, you want to make this back to school transition easy for your kid. Be positive at all times and continue to teach him manners and good habits. Try not to force your child or overreact in front of him. This will make all your efforts go in vain.

By these little efforts, you can boost your child’s confidence and his educational performance. All the best for the challenge!

Have You Applied Proper Mediterranean Diet?

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Mediterranean Diet is not a new thing among those dieters, but not many of them can apply it very well. Though it may sound simple, Mediterranean Diet is very challenging because of the difficult task in conquering a person’s eating habit. This is an unfortunate condition because it is proven that this kind of diet can reduce many fatal diseases for more than thirty percents. Some diseases, which can be reduced through this diet include strokes, heart diseases and high cholesterol level. It is one of the healthiest diet programs which ever exist

Beautiful woman smiling as she is wine tasting on a summer day.

If you have been in your diet activities and you want to try the effectiveness of Mediterranean diet, then it is very simple to choose the food options. They are also very cheap and easy to find like vegetables and fruits as well as other kinds of whole grains like beans. Cereal and potatoes become some of the main recipes which have to be included in Mediterranean diet, not to mention very rich nutrients food like nuts. Surely, processed food is not recommended at all. Not only because of its ingredients, but because of this diet requires dieters to eat fresh food which is less processed. Cooking should be made easy with olive oil or any other kind of less fat oil.

It does not mean that a dieter should avoid any kind of milk or dairy products. They still can consume any milk product like yogurt and cheese in moderate—or low—amount. It should be noted that butter containing saturated fat is not recommended at all in this diet. To keep dieters in prime body condition,  they still can consume seafood, chicken and eggs weekly with limited amount. But red meat may only be consumed in at least two or three times within one month. Besides, its limitation lies on the choices of meats. Dieter can avoid beef when necessary if they can consume lamb or veal as they contain lower fat, as compared to beef.

So, when it is that easy, what makes us worry for not applying proper Mediterranean diet?


Can We Avoid Our Kids from Childhood Obesity?

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Obesity in childhood becomes a common phenomenon these days. It is obvious that kids, these days, rarely do outdoor activities like kids on past decades. Most of them stay in front of their video games or television while munching snacks which contain lots of sugars. Though obesity has hereditary influence, it can be avoided at the earliest stage when parents really can control their kids’ habits and lifestyle. The most important thing is that parents should be able to become a good example in showing healthy habits and lifestyle as well.

The tendency of childhood obesity is higher on some groups of ethnic where European or North American kids are prone to suffer from this condition. Kids from overweight parents have higher chances in suffering from obesity, as well. Childhood obesity will make kids are prone to some diseases, especially when they reach their teen ages. They can suffer from high cholesterol, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and even lever diseases.


If you are parents with kids who have higher chances to suffer from obesity, it is the right time to get rid of those unhealthy habits. Begin with the eating lifestyles when parents usually sit in front of the television and munching junk foods. We know that junk foods are very common to be daily consumption. Yet, it causes various risks that everyone has been familiar with. Replace the habits with eating food, which have lots of fibers like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Well, it is hard for kids to eat veggies, but parents should be creative enough in creating such healthy recipes so that kids can still eat veggies and fruits.

Another good habit is doing more exercise. Trying to use bicycle or walking to some close places instead of taking cars. So, there are so many easy ways to avoid obesity and we should start now before it is too late.