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Help With Healthy Child Development

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Recognizing that play in early childhood has an important role in the social, physical, and cognitive development of a minor is crucial. Recently, there’s been a shift even on the preschool level to reduce playtime and to increase organized academic learning. While at first glimpse, this may seem to be a positive step; it’s in fact prejudicial to healthy child development.

Children who’re provided with ample time to participate in self-directed play benefit in a wide variety of ways. Child driven play in early childhood promotes the welfare of the child; it contributes to the cognitive, social, emotional and physical preparation of the child.

Of course, there are people who will argue the other side of this.

The role of play in learning shouldn’t be underestimated. Through play a child will acquire much of the necessary skills that will then be used for successful learning. Included among the skills that a child develops and strengthens through play are language development, problem solving, negotiating, and sequencing skills.

Continuing On With Healthy Child Development

Play helps to enhance a child’s readiness for more formalized learning. A child strengthens his/her language development through play in early childhood. Play presents a child with many opportunities for oral communication. This early language development will in turn benefit children as they later learn to read and write.

Additionally, play presents children with many problem-solving opportunities. Through such activities as building with blocks, playing with water and sand, doing puzzles, or constructing and designing their imaginative play area, children must employ critical thinking skills.

We cannot underestimate the significance of the play to our children’s development. Play is healthy, and contains the building blocks of socialization they’ll need to operate in the real world. Remember, it’s never ‘just a play’. As they play the children are developing their creativity and sociability. We should certainly encourage are children to engage in more active play.

While it can only be measured readily by tests, it is essential to recognize that play. This is primarily child directed, encourages and strengthens a child’s curiosity about his/ her world. This heightened curiosity is a catalyst for further learning. When children are free to pursue fields of interest, they’re most likely to develop a positive approach towards learning.

Through play children are presented with many opportunities. These will enhance their social and emotional development. Play provides children with the opportunity to interact with their surrounding environment; this allows children to start to make sense of their world.

Play also encourages interaction between children. A child begins to understand the significance of communicating through language by communicating with other children. As children socialize in play, they’ll learn to articulate their ideas and to hear the ideas expressed by others.

Play also provides children with situations that will promote cooperation. They will discover the advantages of working together and of sharing available play materials. Through play a child learns to solve conflicts and to negotiate with others.

When a child experiences socially and emotionally healthy child development, they’re better equipped to adapt to the school setting. Socially well-adjusted children are most likely to achieve academic success in school, as a result.

When left to their own means, children gravitate towards physical activity. Hence children who engage in play that is primarily child driven tend to incorporate a variety of physical activity into their play. Active play results in physically fit young children; physical fitness is one of the key elements in healthy child development.

Children will also develop many small motor skills through their play along with developing large muscle skills as the product of active play. As children participate in these activities as building, painting, and playing with clay, they’ll experience refinement of their fine motor skills. Many of these very same small motor skills will assist them as they progress in school.

It is critical for parents and educators to realize that play is much more than just a recreational pastime for children. The importance of play in development of children and learning is significant. It is through their active play that children acquire and refine a lot of the prerequisite skills that contribute to successful learning. Play is essential for children; play contributes to healthy child development cognitively, physically, and socially.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Realities

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Many people are not aware that arthritis is a term used to cover over 200 different diseases that involve symptoms of pain and inflammation of the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common and potentially disabling forms of arthritis.

This article addresses some of the fundamental facts about rheumatoid arthritis, to assist you better understand the symptoms and causes of such disease.

Rheumatoid arthritis isn’t restricted to any particular area of the body. Most joints can be influenced by the disease, in addition to other areas, such as the heart, the blood, and the lungs.

Let’s Go Further

Roughly 2.1 million Americans, or about 1 per cent of all American adults, suffer with rheumatic arthritis.

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Arthritis is characterized by an inflammation of the joint lining. This causes the joint to be stiff and painful. The joint area may also swell, feel warm to the touch, and the skin may have a red appearance.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, are you kidding?

With rheumatoid arthritis, this inflammation can also affect tear ducts, salivary glands, and the linings of the heart and lungs.

Rheumatoid arthritis is usually a life-long condition, and over time, the disease may change in severity, changing from pain-free periods, to those of intense suffering, often suddenly and without warning.

Rheumatoid arthritis is most commonly first diagnosed in patients between the ages of 20 and 50. As mentioned above, the most obvious symptoms include a long-lasting joint pain and swelling, and a red and tender joint area. One distinction between arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis is here that the disease presents. With arthritis, in the beginning a single joint may be affected, but with rheumatoid arthritis, often both elbows, or both knees, or other groups of joints, are affected at the same time.

Rheumatoid arthritis is found in the group of machine-immune diseases. The body immune system is actually creating the matter with these diseases. In some cases, the immune system has malfunctioned, and mistaken healthy tissue as invading tissue. When this occurs, the body attempts to destroy the joint tissue. This causes the pain and other symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

The exact cause of this malfunction is still to be discovered. However, many scientists believe that heredity and genetics play a major role in the development of rheumatoid arthritis.

When diagnosing the disease, doctors often employ a blood test which identifies the existence of the rheumatoid factor– an antibody which is frequently an indicator that the patient does in fact have rheumatoid arthritis. Because between 70 and 90 percent of people with rheumatoid arthritis have this antibody in their blood, it provides a fairly accurate confirmation of the disease in those with the other typical symptoms.

Anti-CCP stands for anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody. This is an antibody produced by the body in the existence of the medical condition rheumatoid arthritis. This antibody is tested along for the existence of another antibody rheumatoid factor (RF) for confirmation that the individual has rheumatoid arthritis. It is a fairly new test employed in the diagnostic testing for rheumatoid arthritis.

The anti-CCP test results is one path for the physician in order to determine whether a person has rheumatoid arthritis. This is one method of confirming this autoimmune disease from other autoimmune diseases, as mortal may have more than one in every time.

This test is completed on blood drawn from the person’s arm using a hypodermic needle and torniquet. The sample is then sent to be analyzed by the laboratory. Previous experiments have revealed that anti-CCP test levels can also indicate disease before other test markers have become positive. Thus it can also serve as an indicator that the individual may develop rheumatoid athritis.

X-rays may likewise be ordered by doctors to identify the number of joint tissue that has been touched by the disease.

If you have been experiencing symptoms such as the ones associated with rheumatoid arthritis for more than two weeks, be sure to make rendezvous with your doctor as soon as possible for further assessment. Because of the degenerative character of the disease, the sooner it is diagnosed, the better potential outcomes.


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Many of us have heard of mental disorders, and most of us think that only certain people become afflicted with these conditions. However this is simply not the case. Mental disorders include panic attacks, anxiety disorders and social anxieties as well. These attacks can range from mild discomfort to debilitating agoraphobia and this is a condition that can strike anyone.

Panic attacks are often experienced by people suffering from other anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia, claustrophobia, social phobia, hypochondria and other psychological conditions including anxiety. However, panic attacks are not always indicative of mental disorders. Additionally, some people who suffer from panic disorders may need treatment for other problems. Clinical depression is often associated with panic disorders as is alcoholism and substances abuse. All these disorders are highly debilitating for the normal life of an individual.

What would that mean going forward?

Your life is going along the normal path that you’ve set out when suddenly without any warning terror has you in its grip. You feel weak and helpless. Your heart’s pounding and you have trouble breathing. You may even wonder if you’re having a heart attack or if you’re about to die. When you finally go to see a doctor, you might even be told there’s nothing physically wrong with you.

The Other Side Of Agoraphobia

So when you next suffer from an attack you wonder what’s wrong with you. You find that certain situations will bring on these frightening attacks and this will be your first clue that you’re experiencing a panic attack. Panic attacks are not physical conditions, and that is why your doctor might have had trouble diagnosing your complaint.

So, what is agoraphobia you might ask? This is a condition where an individual doesn’t wish to go places or face situations where they could become exposed to panic attacks. The very word agoraphobia itself lets us know the nature of this debilitating condition. ‘Agora’ comes from the Greek language and it means places where people meet, or a marketplace. ‘Phobia’ is a fear of something. Thus we can understand that people who suffer from agoraphobia have a fear of being in crowded places.

Agoraphobia is a condition that develops gradually. In general it occurs after a panic attack. After the first attack you may subconsciously be preparing for another attack and fearing the symptoms that will leave you feeling helpless. This cycle of panic attack and impending panic attack can cause you to change your entire lifestyle just to avoid those feelings of terror. As panic attacks can occur anywhere at anytime, we generally associate the first place that we feel helpless as perhaps the reason for our terror.

An agoraphobia sufferer will go out of their way to avoid those places and situations where a panic attack may occur. They may even end up being housebound as they avoid being in crowded places. This unhealthy lifestyle can in itself trigger agoraphobic attacks to occur in everyday normal situations. The increased heart rate may also cause a panic attack because you may think that you’re having a heart attack.

As you can see this is a vicious and extremely debilitating mental condition. For sufferers of panic attacks they should seek the medical aid of doctors who specialize in these mental disorders and receive treatment before their panic attacks spiral into agoraphobia where they may end up being restricted in their lifestyle due to their ever increasing fear of being helpless in the face of a panic attack.

The Power of Power Naps

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productivityandsleepAlthough napping generally has a negative connotation in the workplace, more and more companies are moving toward mid day napping breaks (or opportunities). Scientists are now saying that napping for 10 to 30 minutes during the day will significantly contribute to people’s alertness and productivity. This is why companies like Google are encouraging people to get the rest they need, no matter what time of day it is.

Businesses have figured out that the time an individual loses by taking a nap is actually made up by their increased productivity (and overall happiness in their job).

By definition, a nap is a brief amount of sleeping, which often happens in the middle of the day. It was first popularized by Hispanic countries, specifically in Spain, where people used to take afternoon naps (Siesta), often after lunch. This tradition was passed on to other Hispanic American countries, were field workers take few minutes from their work day to sleep for thirty minutes to one hour. Currently, more and more countries are adapting to this tradition of napping including European countries like Greece and United Kingdom.

However, with the hectic lives that most people live today, napping seems to be an underrated practice, especially in corporate offices. Hard work is now measured with the extended hours spent in the office. Scientist continue to challenge this recent norm by encouraging business owners and managers to include nap time as part of the basic breaks given to the employees. With work demands identified as the top causes of stress, the mere inclusion of nap becomes more relevant. Studies support the role of naps in reducing stress levels among the people who did it regularly. A possible reason for this is the minutes of break that the mind and body gets from napping, which likewise makes the person feeling revitalized. This kind of effect from naps may not be immediately felt, especially by people who are new to such activity. Nap researchers contend that it is completely normal to feel groggy right after a nap, and the positive effects will often be felt at least an hour after waking up. Naps are also believed to improve memory and comprehension in the long run.

napatworkFor those who are struggling to exercise, napping might just be the easiest and cheapest energizer. With its revitalizing effect, it has also been linked to providing sufficient energy to people for other physical activities, aside from fueling work productivity. with this, naps prove to be a good preparation for after office workouts, with the guarantee o feeling less exhausted after. All these simple but significant benefits establish that nap is not just a thing for children, but is even much needed by adults.

Unfortunately, napping does not come easy for everyone, especially when it needs to be done in public places like offices. Ironically, normal sleepers seem to find it easier to nap during midday than those who constantly lack sleep. For starters, it is best to do it over the weekend or any specific vacant time where there is an opportunity to sneak in a nap. It is crucial to commit to including nap as a part of the daily routine. Eventually, nap can be the healthy alternative to energy drinks and coffee just to stay alert during the day.

What Do These Super-Foods Really Do For You?

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chiahempfoodThe term ‘super-foods’ is really just a marketing term used to describe foods that are healthy. .. or supposedly healthy. Lets take a look at a couple super-foods and see what they really do for you… marketing aside.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have been an American ‘super food’ for a long time. It is suggested that eating Chia on a regular basis lowers our risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, research done has shown mixed results. The seed, otherwise known as Salba, is nutritious, but whether we can really link the consumption of Chia to the lowering of our blood pressure has yet to be determined. So far there are no studies that have definitively concluded this.

Nutrition: (per tablespoon): 2g protein, 4g fiber, 1.75 g omega-3

Hemp Hearts

I love these in my yogurt. I honestly think it is one of the best tastes as an alternative to granola. Hemp is expensive as it is said to be a super-food. Although it is illegal to grow hemp in the United States, Canada’s agricultural sector are producing large amounts and making significant profit.

Hemp hearts are a good source of fiber as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E. They also have calcium, minerals and iron which provide a high likelihood of proper absorption. Given the combination of all of these vitamins and minerals, Hemp Hearts are a great choice for nutritious and lasting energy.


Kefir is a cultured milk product. It is made when you add grains to partially skimmed milk (cow’s) and allow it to ferment for approximately 24 hours. What happens is the bacteria and yeast ferment the milk, which in turn lowers the pH, and changes the texture and overall composition. The end result is a product that contains incredibly nutritious live bacteria and yeast that do, in fact, have huge benfits to our overall health. On top of that, Kefir is packed with calcium and probiotics that significant help with digestion.

For White Teeth and Fresh Breath

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Nice smile is very important thing when you communicate with someone and for nice smile the most important thing are white and nice teeth. Not only for communication, but you need to take care of your mouth health and after every meal you need to wash your teeth with a brush and toothpaste.Beside the toothpaste which is not expensive there also other thing that helps for cleaning your teeth and those things can be found in your home. On what do we think?

Green tea is very healthy for your organism and there are many proofs for that. Beside the facts that the green tea is nice for your body and line, this herb also protects your teeth from caries, bad breath and many other mouth problems.

People like to drink lemonade or you need lemon juice for some other reason. You can use this chance and rub your teeth with lemon bark. This is a nice way to clean the layers of food from your teeth and reveal the nice white color behind those layers, but do not exaggerate because the lemon acid can damage your tooth enamel.

After cleaning your teeth with a tooth paste you can wash your mouth with sage, this will refresh your breath. When we talk about leaves, than we must mention parsley, it is recommended to eat parsley leaves because of the positive effect on the tooth enamel; also with parsley you can remove the smell of onion and garlic. Strawberries are also effective for whitening your teeth, rub them with few squeezed strawberries and you whiten your teeth and refresh your breath.

In the end, everybody has heard of sodium bicarbonate. You can use it to whiten your teeth, but don`t do it too much because you will damage your enamel.

Hazards of Midnight Snacking

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images (3) May it be due to nervousness, tension, stress, or merely a part of slumber party, mid night snacking must be avoided at all costs. To overcome the hunger pangs which arise in the middle of night, try drinking a glass of water or munch upon some fruit or any veggie. But many of us follow this habit mostly because we find fun in it. Especially late night party lovers, they have big meals comprising of carbs and fats, which they order from any fast food franchise, just for the sake of enjoyment. But they don’t realize what they actually do to their body in the pursuit of partying in the middle of night. Following are mentioned two most commonly observed bad effects of late night snacking upon health.

Weight Gain: No body would like adding extra unnecessary pounds to their body. But weight gain comes in as a deleterious effect of mid night snacking. According to experts, snacking after dinner can ignite weight gain mechanism in the body since it increases your total calorie intake per day. Moreover, during night time, your body is not active so much so that it can digest the food the way it does during rest of the day.

Routine Disturbances: Ever heard of the term “biological clock”? It is actually the intrinsic clock that every organism possesses. Your body well knows when to eat, when to work and when to rest. If, at the time of rest, that is late at night, you go on nibbling upon snacks, this habit can disturb the intrinsic routine of your body in many ways. Like, you won’t be able to attain a proper sleep after gobbling down food, which can likely affect your morning routine.

Take a Sound Meal

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If you decided to lower few pounds of your body, than this regime of feed will be a nice way to achieve your goal. With this diet the pounds of body weights you lose are on a healthy and natural way without starving. Many of the diets these days can be unhealthy and can make problems in your metabolism, while this diet is extremely healthy and have absolutely no side effects. This diet balances the nutrition’s in the body and keeps the calories on a standard level. That is why after only 14 day the results will be astonishing.

Before Breakfast

Start your day with a glass of warm water with few drops of lemon juice. This lemonade will purify the body and will help for burning fat.

In the next hour and a half drink 3 more cups of water and lemon to clean the body from toxins. During the day your organism needs at least 2 liters of water.


            Breakfast is the most important meal and it shouldn`t be skipped. Breakfast in this diet is normal and fast to make.

Boiled eggs
Oats with milk
Fruits (If it is banana then on is enough)


            For lunch you can make a meal which contains many proteins and you can combine it with fresh salad.
Roasted or boiled chicken, beef or turkey
Spinach soup or integral tortillas


            Dinner must be the lightest meal. You can make vegetable soup, or boiled vegetables with olive oil.

Between meals

Between meals you can eat fruits and vegetables. Apples are very good as a dieting food; also you can eat some integral snacks but in low amounts.

Forbidden food

Drinks with additives
Chips and snacks
Chocolates and sweets


            Beside this type of diet, it is recommended to exercise. No matter what activity at least 3 times a week can make you feel comfortable and happier in your own body.

Hair Thinning and Hair Loss in Women

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Issues related to hair are a sort of nightmare, especially when talking about the women gender.

Your hair forms a vital part of your persona. You shine brightly and walk out confidently when you know that you have strands of fine, heavenly glistening hair.

But it is not every time that your hair sparkles with a shine. Most of the times, we women face problems such as hair thinning and hair loss.

So why does it happen? Pollution and sun maybe? Hence, to overcome these, we go for every external hair treatment within our reach. But ever wondered that the cause maybe lying somewhere internally? Like, in you own body maybe.

Yes, hair loss tends to occur greatly with an underlying health condition, most common of which is nutritional deficiency. Women, and especially those who are in their teens, pregnant, or nursing mothers, tend to have this great issue of hair loss with the hair strand structure turning thin. The most common cause of this could be deficiency of minerals such as iron and zinc. This can easily be compromised through diet or supplement intake. In case of  mineral supplements, consult your doctor first.

Another cause of thin hair structure could be hormones. An excessive conversion of testosterone into dihydro testosterone (DHT) can be the cause. Similar is the reason of hair loss in males, who may have a genetic tendency of this testosterone conversion. DHT imparts a negative effect on the hair, and causes hair thinning prior to hair loss.

A Hundred Percent Beneficial Recipe

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Here is a health recipe that I would like to share with you all. But hold on! Don’t assume it to be like other health recipes, those which are either tasteless or too much bitter, so much so that you have to shut your eyes tight and clip your nose when gulping it down your food pipe.
Instead, this recipe is the one you’d love to eat.
Well, I don’t go for complex and twisted names for food. Hence, I will name it rather simple.
I would like to call it ‘Ginger garlic soup’, too simple, isn’t it?
All you have to do is, take a cup of chicken stock, drop in a teaspoon of garlic paste, and that of some ginger paste, boil it for three to four minutes. And Valla, your soup is ready.
Was that too difficult? Of course not
And it does not taste awful either. You may think that garlic and ginger would yield some dreadful aroma, but that is all handled well by the chicken stock which you took as the base.
For more taste enhancing effects, you can add some oats and black pepper to your soup while it is being boiled. But then you will have to cook it until the oat softens.
So as you see, the ingredients that make up this food are all health enhancers.
Need not to mention the blessings of garlic and ginger.
Moreover, black pepper imparts your food some antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It promotes the health of your gut and also improves digestion.

Home remedies using Black seed

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download (2)

Black seeds are being used since thousands of years and their health benefits are pretty surprising. There is no any illness that cannot be improved by the use of black seeds. If you get to know its health benefits, you will definitely want to add it in your diet.

Health benefits of black seeds:

Following are only some of the health benefits and remedies by which one can get healthy:

For a person who is suffering from cough and respiratory diseases such as asthma, apply Black seed oil on the chest and on the back. He/she can also add a teaspoon black seed oil in warm water and take steam two times a day.

For a patient who has cystic fibrosis, apply black seed oil on chest. Drink a mixture of with a teaspoon of honey and black seed oil three times that is in the morning, in the  afternoon and also in the evening.

For patients who are diabetic, black seeds are very beneficial. All you have to do is mix one cup of Water Cress Seeds or you can also use, Mustard seed, 1/2 cup of pomegranate peel and 1/2  cup of fumitory with one cup of whole black seeds. Now what you need to do is blend this mixture and make powder of it. Now take 1/2 teaspoon of this created  mixture along with one teaspoon of black seed oil every day in the morning before you eat your  breakfast. You need to do this for a month.

All these home remedies using black seeds are very beneficial for health.

Should you let your child spend time playing video games?

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Many parents are very much concerned about their children, who are addicted to video games. It is not their fault at all. Every parent want their child to be physically active, go outside and play like they used to when they were young. Unlike them, a twenty first century child is more attached to video games than to any physical sport. You must’ve heard how bad it is for a growing child to sit back for ours in front of the television playing those action video games and how badly it may affect their growth and their long term health.

It is interesting to note that after a lot of research, it has been proved that playing various video games can actually improve and polish the creativity in you and can also help you think outside the box. It is also seen that if children who had certain brain illness played video games, they showed remarkable fighting spirit.

When research was done on what kind of video games improve cognitive flexibility of a person, it was seen that people who played strategic games did well in the test. They showed amazing problem solving ability and it was seen that they were good in dealing with multiple tasks at a time.

It is also proved through research that playing video games can relief pain. Not only this, when a study was taken place on people of old age, it was found that those elder people who played video games were happier and were in better health than those who didn’t.