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More Thoughts On Womens Sports

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The sports world has been blessed with a series of good female athletes. Weather it’s tennis, figure skating, gymnastics, car racing, or basketball, the female athletic has made her mark in the sports world. Here are five of the ladies that I consider to be the greatest of the best leaders in the area of sports.

Women want ladies sports watches that are comfortable and that are sturdy and do not fall off during their jogging session down the street or while they’re swatting that tennis ball over the net. For that reason, ladies sports watches are made using the best possible materials as leather, rubber, titanium, or steel. They also have sturdy fasteners that do not come undone while the event is going on.

Perhaps we should also discuss…

The bottom line is that the active women needs a sports watch to complete their wardrobe no matter what kind of a healthy activity she engages in from swimming to jogging to hiking or playing tennis. There are ladies sports watches available to wear for these and other activities in many fashionable designs, materials and colors to choose from.

Investigating Womens Sports

Chris Evert-Tennis-157 career single titles. Evert, affectionally known as Chrissy in the outside world, had that girl next door image. On the tennis court though, this strong, iron-willed athlete was no pushover. She reached the semifinals or better 17 times in Wimbledon. She settled in Aspen, Colorado after her retirement where she raised her family.

Billie Jean King-Tennis-39 Grand Slam titles & 695 match victories. Billie Jean King is one of my absolute all time favorite female athletes. She was a star at the peak of the women’s liberation movement and endured a lot of controversery because of her views. She was known for beating Bobby Riggs in 1973 in the’ Battle of the Sexes’ match. Her devotion wasn’t limited to just tennis. In 1974 she helped create the Womens Sports Federation. She retired in 1984 from competive tennis.

These 5 ladies are just a end of the iceberg in the world of great women athletes. Every year more and more female athletes make their mark and deserve recognition in the highly competitive world of sports.

A Real-world Discussion About Eating Disorder

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You will find numerous serious health and mental health problems that people deal with everyday in all regions of the world. Many sicknesses and diseases are well documented and understood by people while others remain mostly undiscussed and misunderstood. Having an eating disorder is among the conditions that is rarely understood by most people.

Struggling with an eating disorder is hard because it’s a sickness that isn’t often recognized until it is quite serious. People begin showing signs of having an eating disorder for many reasons. Some people are unhappy with their current weight or with the way their body looks. Others suffer the verbal abuse of a partner or friend that makes hurtful remarks about weight or beauty. Still others who start having an eating disorder do so as a way of controlling a portion of their lives when the rest of their lives seems out of control. Whatever the reason that an eating disorder begins, it is a very tough sickness for people to conquer and be free of.

Having an consuming disorder is an extremely isolating factor to live with since it isn’t usually noticable to the individuals around you. Most people who struggle with an consuming disorder discover a strange mix of comfort and angst in this. On one hand it’s really great that their problems can be kept secret from the ones around them. However, on the other hand numerous times an consuming disorder can be a call for the assist and intervention of other people.

The Details: Eating Disorder

Some people may be genetically predisposed to the disorder. Their chemistry within the brain and digestive tract may be different than other people without this disorder.


The isolation lots of people expertise with an eating disorder becomes a trap that keeps them struggling longer and harder. They feel unable to seek help and but unable to handle the pressures of the eating disorder on their own to help ensure that even those who’ve deep desire to be free from their eating disorder live for weeks, months or years without having the capability to see freedom as a real possibility for them.

Eating Disorder??

In the event you think you may be struggling with an eating disorder, the most effective thing you’re able to do is get assist.

Fight by means of the hardness and awkwardness of sharing your secret struggle. Trust that opening up to someone you love and trust about your eating disorder will help save you inside the long run even though it feels easier to maintain your issue a secret now. Ensure that you take the matter to somebody that will truly assist you to or at least locate you the assist you to require. An consuming disorder, although it is extremely tough to handle, does not need to mark the rest of your dreams or your livelihood. Getting aid is really a critical first step to finding healing and hope.

The Process of Filing for Bankruptcy

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bankruptcyprocessBankruptcy affects many people, from all different walks of life. Going bankrupt doesn’t mean your life is over, simply that you need to hit a reset button, figure yourself out and keep going.

The thing that causes more stress is not really knowing what the process for going bankrupt is. It can be so overwhelming and the mind is often filled with ‘what if’ scenarios that make a person breakdown before they get through it. HOWEVER, that’s when the research wasn’t done and the right trustee wasn’t hired.

It’s more simple than one would think. However, If its done wrong there can be detrimental effects on a persons financial situation.

I’ve put together a quick list of things to know and what to do for Chapter 7 filing (see the difference between Chapter 7, 11 and 13 Bankruptcy here) :

  1. Qualification Checklist: Do you pass all Chapter 7 requirements? Filling out the ‘Federal Means Test’ form will allow you to figure overwhelmingthis out. If you don’t then you’ll really only have the options to go for Chapter 13.
  2. Find the right Trustee/Attorney: It’s really tough to find a good person for a good price, knowing these steps will help you understand what to look for in an attorney. I wouldn’t suggest doing it without a lawyer, but you could.
  3. Credit Counseling Appointments: You will need to go to credit counseling before you file.
  4. Paperwork Galore! Make sure you finish all the other paperwork that goes along with this. File a schedule of assets and liabilities, current income and expenditures, all debts in the bankruptcy, contracts and any leases or exempt assets you have. There are free bankruptcy forms online, however they are not perfect.
  5. File the Petition, Paperwork and Proof of Counseling You must file this with the area where you live. Once you file, most of the people you owe money to must stop calling you or stop lawsuits against you. Tip: apply for a fee waiver so you don’t have to pay the $299 fee when you initially file.
  6. Attend the meeting with creditors where they will ask you questions about what you owe and anything regarding your financial affairs and property.
  7. Complete a Personal Financial Mgmt Instruction Course after your case is filed (but still within 45 days of the meeting with your creditors)
  8. Wait to hear back and then get your life back on the right direction!

What Do These Super-Foods Really Do For You?

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chiahempfoodThe term ‘super-foods’ is really just a marketing term used to describe foods that are healthy. .. or supposedly healthy. Lets take a look at a couple super-foods and see what they really do for you… marketing aside.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have been an American ‘super food’ for a long time. It is suggested that eating Chia on a regular basis lowers our risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, research done has shown mixed results. The seed, otherwise known as Salba, is nutritious, but whether we can really link the consumption of Chia to the lowering of our blood pressure has yet to be determined. So far there are no studies that have definitively concluded this.

Nutrition: (per tablespoon): 2g protein, 4g fiber, 1.75 g omega-3

Hemp Hearts

I love these in my yogurt. I honestly think it is one of the best tastes as an alternative to granola. Hemp is expensive as it is said to be a super-food. Although it is illegal to grow hemp in the United States, Canada’s agricultural sector are producing large amounts and making significant profit.

Hemp hearts are a good source of fiber as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E. They also have calcium, minerals and iron which provide a high likelihood of proper absorption. Given the combination of all of these vitamins and minerals, Hemp Hearts are a great choice for nutritious and lasting energy.


Kefir is a cultured milk product. It is made when you add grains to partially skimmed milk (cow’s) and allow it to ferment for approximately 24 hours. What happens is the bacteria and yeast ferment the milk, which in turn lowers the pH, and changes the texture and overall composition. The end result is a product that contains incredibly nutritious live bacteria and yeast that do, in fact, have huge benfits to our overall health. On top of that, Kefir is packed with calcium and probiotics that significant help with digestion.

Why Sedentary Lifestyle is Bad for Our Health

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People who don`t exercise and have physical actives have big problems, so we present you 4 most often diseases of people who live sedentary life.

Number 1: Belly

It is maybe the worst problem, especially characteristic for men. The fats around the waste are very unhealthy. These fats are also around the guts and they start to grow. These so called visceral fats are very dangerous and it is very hard to get rid of them.

These fats provoke diseases of the heart, lungs and other organs. The most important step for preventing this unhealthy condition is exercising and eating healthy food, many fruits and vegetables.

This fact will give you the notion and help you understand how to prevent and protect from these fats. Normally every man needs around 3000-3500 calories per day. It is proved that this amount of energy can be burned with at least 3-4 hours of physical activity per day.

Number 2: Prostate

This problem is typical for man. Prostate don`t like sedentary life because can cause prostate problems. Exercises, physical and regular sexual activities will help your prostate to stay in a good condition.

Number 3: Osteochondrosis

This problem is for both poles. Osteochondrosisis joint disorder, basically of the right side of the body, because most people use right hand. This problem can be solved with at least 15 minutes of physical activities per day and manual therapy; it can also be solved with medicaments.

Number 4: Constipation

Sedentary life can provoke one of the most unpleasant diseases like chronic constipation. How can we solve this problem?

First you need to start gymnastics; abs and back workout, stretches, lifting weight everything can help. This is good for your belly and guts and you will be free such terrible disease

Hazards of Midnight Snacking

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images (3) May it be due to nervousness, tension, stress, or merely a part of slumber party, mid night snacking must be avoided at all costs. To overcome the hunger pangs which arise in the middle of night, try drinking a glass of water or munch upon some fruit or any veggie. But many of us follow this habit mostly because we find fun in it. Especially late night party lovers, they have big meals comprising of carbs and fats, which they order from any fast food franchise, just for the sake of enjoyment. But they don’t realize what they actually do to their body in the pursuit of partying in the middle of night. Following are mentioned two most commonly observed bad effects of late night snacking upon health.

Weight Gain: No body would like adding extra unnecessary pounds to their body. But weight gain comes in as a deleterious effect of mid night snacking. According to experts, snacking after dinner can ignite weight gain mechanism in the body since it increases your total calorie intake per day. Moreover, during night time, your body is not active so much so that it can digest the food the way it does during rest of the day.

Routine Disturbances: Ever heard of the term “biological clock”? It is actually the intrinsic clock that every organism possesses. Your body well knows when to eat, when to work and when to rest. If, at the time of rest, that is late at night, you go on nibbling upon snacks, this habit can disturb the intrinsic routine of your body in many ways. Like, you won’t be able to attain a proper sleep after gobbling down food, which can likely affect your morning routine.

Four Treatments to Consider Before Your Christmas Party

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christmas partyIt’s September already! It surprises me each year when the X Factor starts, the summer draws to a close, and the Halloween decorations begin to line the seasonal aisle of the supermarket.

I like to think of Halloween as a small distraction for my kids as it keeps them preoccupied for a short while until Christmas rolls around; saying that the festive season in my household is popular is a definite understatement – it’s massive to us!

Both sets of grandparents come around, the kids have great fun opening their presents and then we sit down to a big meal.

However, for me, the season actually kicks off a bit earlier than Christmas day itself, as I always look forward to the work party we have at the beginning of December. I love getting prepped and primed ahead of the big day, and always spend a long day in the shops finding the perfect outfit and accessories. I would say that I enjoy the beauty treatments even more though as it is a chance to enjoy some “me time”. Here are a few of the things I get done, which you might want to consider ahead of your own party this year…

Haircut and style

My favourite treatment is simply having my hair seen to. I don’t think there is anything quite as relaxing as letting my stylist get to work, first washing my hair (with an added head massage) and then banishing my split ends to the floor. It helps that I get given a glass of wine and a magazine to pass the time; it’s absolute bliss! Some sessions in the hairdressers can be pretty long if you need to get a conditioning treatment or hair colouring so make sure to book your appointment before the party day itself.

Manicure and pedicure

Something that shouldn’t take much more than an hour is a manicure or pedicure. Even in December, I’d still prefer to wear my party frock without tights, which means that my toes would be on show with peep toe heels. I love to get these done in a deep red which reflects the seasonal theme; for my hands I’ll tend to choose a classic French manicure done with shellac gel polish.

Leg wax

As my legs will be bare of stockings, I make sure that they are nice and smooth as well. It’s not always easy fitting shaving into my shower routine before heading to work, and I certainly don’t want any razor cuts ruining my outfit. I book my waxing appointment for a few days before the event just in case I experience any irritation as this leaves enough time for it to subside.

Skin peel

I like to get my makeup done at a beauty counter in a big department store, but first I want to make sure my skin is looking as healthy as possible. I cut certain foods out of my diet and book a succession of appointments at Skinviva to get a skin peel – I find it helps to achieve a certain glow, as well as targeting fine lines.

Should you let your child spend time playing video games?

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Many parents are very much concerned about their children, who are addicted to video games. It is not their fault at all. Every parent want their child to be physically active, go outside and play like they used to when they were young. Unlike them, a twenty first century child is more attached to video games than to any physical sport. You must’ve heard how bad it is for a growing child to sit back for ours in front of the television playing those action video games and how badly it may affect their growth and their long term health.

It is interesting to note that after a lot of research, it has been proved that playing various video games can actually improve and polish the creativity in you and can also help you think outside the box. It is also seen that if children who had certain brain illness played video games, they showed remarkable fighting spirit.

When research was done on what kind of video games improve cognitive flexibility of a person, it was seen that people who played strategic games did well in the test. They showed amazing problem solving ability and it was seen that they were good in dealing with multiple tasks at a time.

It is also proved through research that playing video games can relief pain. Not only this, when a study was taken place on people of old age, it was found that those elder people who played video games were happier and were in better health than those who didn’t.


Educating Healthy Lifestyle for Kids

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While parents think that they have applied healthy lifestyle for their kids, there are things that parents should comprehend. Yes, it is true that parents ask their children to eat regularly three times a day. But they should know what they have served to their kids. Many parents are too busy these days to prepare fresh foods like fresh chicken meats or fresh salads. Instead, parents prefer to fry French fries or processed meats or sausages for faster servings. Parents, most of the time, do not pay attention on what their kids consume. They usually crave for sweets and salty chips which contain high level of monosodium glutamate or preservatives.

It is harder to start educating healthy lifestyle for kids when it is too late. Kids who are used to consuming sweets or preservatives foods are not easy to let go of this habit. Risks are varied from diabetes, heart diseases and cancers as they consume foods with no value in nutrition and high level of cholesterol.

The existence of gadgets is another unhealthy lifestyle when kids spend much of their time in front of their laptops to access social media networks, or playing online games. Exercises are not listed on their daily agendas and parents do not seem to care about this. This is a serious concern because exercises should start during the early age. When kids turn to teens, it is getting harder to start regular exercises and they will maintain this habit until they grow up. As parents, what can we do?

Obviously, preparing nutrient rich foods is the first important thing that parents should do. It is essential to be good role models for kids. If you urge your kids to eat healthy food, but you still remain consuming your favorite junk food, then everything will be useless. The same thing applies to routine exercises. If your kids do not seem interested in jogging, ask them to do activities that they like. Swimming, biking to interesting places can be a good start.


Tips for cutting off sugar from your diet

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The following tricks may come in handy in eliminating sugar from your daily diet:

Keep yourself well hydrated. This is because dehydration has the potential to leave you crave for sugar and sweets.

Cut off caffeine gradually. What caffeine is capable of doing is swing blood sugar and leaving you feel dehydrated. Both of these may make you crave for sugar.

Consume more protein and more omega 3 fatty acids which are also known as good fats. Keep a balance between your protein intakes for it may lead to sugar craving when taken more or when taken less than normal amount. Proper good fat and proteins help maintain blood sugar levels and also satiety.

A strong urge for sugar may arise when you skip a meal or two. So don’t miss a meal.

Take in natural sweet that is fruits and veggies for they not only nurture your craving for sweet but are also rich in phytochemicals, fiber, vitamins, and micronutrients.

Stay away from those artificial sweeteners and chemical which claim to taste sweet. These are harmful for health. You should rather use little quantity of gentle sweeteners such as barley malt, rice syrup, honey, and dried fruit etc.

Get proper sleep. Being sleepless would call for extra energy and hence extra urge for sugar and sweets.

Be physically active and smart.

These tips may look small but these can bring a big change in your life. Remember that you can only enjoy life at the fullest if you take care of yourself.

Smoking hazards

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All are aware of the health problems caused by smoking, such as emphysema, cancer and heart diseases. It also has permanent effect on the lungs, the heart, the eyes, the throat, the urinary tract, the digestive organs, the bones and joints, and the skin. Other diseases may include chronic bronchitis, coronary heart diseases, stroke, abdominal aortic aneurysm, acute myeloid leukemia, cataract, pneumonia, periodontitis, and bladder, laryngeal, esophageal, lung, oral, throat, cervical, kidney, stomach, and pancreatic cancers. Smoking also brings about infertility, peptic ulcer diseases and slows healing of wounds. Chronic lung diseases make up 73 percent of smoking-related conditions and 53 percent for those who have quit.

Pregnant women who smoke give birth to premature babies.  20 to 30 percent of the babies have low-birth weight, 10 percent fail to survive and 40 percent of the deliveries are preterm. The babies who may seem to be healthy are found to have narrowed airways and reduced lung function.  Health care cost for maternal smoking is estimated to be $ 366 million per year $ 704 per maternal smoker. Smoking women also have a higher risk of lower bone density and hip fracture than women who never smoked.

Each year 440,000 or nearly one in five people die each year in the United States due to the adverse health effects of smoking, which is higher than the deaths that are caused by HIV aids, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides and murders combined.

Avoid smoking, it may kill you someday!

Hair Issues in Summer Season

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With the sun shining brightly over you, indicating a pleasant day ahead, you are up from the bed and all ready to head out to start your day. But wait a minute! You notice something over your head, something which is unusually out of its texture, yes, it s your hair! That very important aspect of your persona has gone far away from its normal look.

A number of issues arise with the hair during summer.

The most common problem that we face is sweaty, oily and frizzy hair. Your scalp produces sebum which makes your hair greasy. Now how to fix this? Well, one easy solution to the problem is, wash your hair “not too frequently”. Sounds strange but actually, washing off your scalp everyday can stimulate it to produce more oil so as to replace the lost moisture. One more remedy which you can follow is to rub a small amount of baby powder on the hair roots. Now brush or shake the hair gently to remove any excess of it.


Flat hair is yet another summer hair issue. The moisture in the air gets trapped into the hair strands, making them seem lifeless.  A solution for this can be the use of some ‘anti-humidity hair spray’. Also, add more proteins to your diet to boost the volume of your hair.


Dried, puffy and coarse hair is the result of use of excessive chemicals. Externally applied strong chemicals can damage the hair cuticles, letting the harsh winds and other factors encounter directly with the hair strands. A simple solution to this problem can be to keep yourselves as well as your hair properly hydrated. Apply some olive oil two hours before you rinse your hair with a shampoo.