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Causes of poor eyesight

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Poor vision is a common problem that people have to deal with, irrespective to age and sex. The colors of life fade as the eyesight becomes weaker and poorer. This is because eyes are extremely important for us in almost everything that we do. Therefore, proper and accurate vision power is a blessing that most people are gifted with.

As children grow, their eyes grow too. Therefore, if you correct the eyesight of a child by making him wear glasses, it is most likely that the problem would be corrected with time. Eyes grow up to a certain age, after that, there is no growth.

Age has a significant impact on eyesight. Along with all the senses, the sense of sight is also affected greatly due to the phenomenon of aging.

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Poor eyesight makes life miserable. Constant headache and imperfect vision hinders in normal day to day life. Do you know what the basic causes of poor eyesight are? No? Let us see.

Refractive Errors:

Refractive Error is defined as a fault in the eye to focus the light entering it resulting in unclear vision. Blurry vision due to refractive error may cause:

Myopia: It is also known as Short Sightedness. In this condition, person cannot see clearly things that are too far way but things that are present at a short distance can easily and clearly be seen.

Hypermetropia:  It is also called long Sightedness. In this condition, one can see distant objects clearly and are unable to see objects that are close.

Astigmatism: In this condition, the eye resembles are rugby football rather than a soccer ball. Problem occurs in focal power of vertical and horizontal planes.

Presbyopia: Flexibility of the lens is affected.

Other pathological causes of poor vision include the following:

Cataract: Lens becomes opaque.

Glaucoma: There is damage to the optic nerve.

Macular Degeneration: Loss of central vision.

Diabetic Eye Disease: Retinopathy caused due to diabetes.

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