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Chewing Celery Against Bad Breath

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Bad breath, also known as halitosis, although it is a normal problem, it can also be a case of chronic bad breath caused by various reasons.

Because, this problem could cause serious complications in social relations. Today, we will give an advice on how to chew celery for bad breath prevention and get to know more natural ways to have a fresh breath.

Bad breath

The bad breath, many times, is a normal condition, that can easily be removed with proper dental hygiene.

There are also certain foods well known to cause bad breath, such as onions and garlic. Having bad breath is a serious obstacle for socialization and interaction with others.

Causes of bad breath

There are other causes that might provoke a state of chronic bad breath, such as inadequate oral hygiene, a salivary gland and gastrointestinal or respiratory diseases, as well as smoking cigarettes, chewing snuff and drinking coffee.

Benefits of Celery

The celery is a good option to fight bad breath due to its high fiber content. You can chew celery, as it promotes the production of saliva to keep your mouth moist and clean. It also helps to remove bacteria from the tongue and plays a similar role to a natural tooth thread.

A good way to consume the celery to combat bad breath is to chew the stem of the plant after each meal or smoking a cigarette. The celery produces a pleasant effect to freshen breath.

Natural remedies for bad breath

Another natural way to fight bad breath is to eat fruits and vegetables that are very fibrous such as mint, parsley and ginger. Also, drink water more abundantly.

Remember that none of these tips replace the habits of oral hygiene and solve chronic cases of bad breath. To do this, you should always consult a specialist.


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