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Child Abuse Deteriorates Mental Health

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Few things in the world are as terrible as child abuse. But unfortunately, it is a sad situation that at some level occurs repeatedly throughout the world and every day. Today, we will get into this topic to be well informed about child abuse and how it affects the child’s mental health.

Recently, scientific studies have determined that both psychological abuse and physical harm during childhood have less of gray matter in the brain to be teenagers.

These decreases in the amount of gray matter present in brain which relates to care, retention processes information and learning, decision-making and control of emotions and impulses.

Although the children studied had been diagnosed with any psychiatric condition, results showed that these abused children have behavioral disorders, learning and mood tending to depression without reaching the level of a diagnosis psychiatric.
Abuse and physical neglect, emotional neglect and sexual abuse determine smaller amounts of gray matter in the brains of adolescents between 12 and 17 years, even in regions like the prefrontal cortex, responsible for making major decisions, as planning and decision making itself.

As for the consequences , they are presented by gender and you know that girls abused, reduced gray matter occurs in regions associated with the development of depression, self-esteem and emotional control, while on the other side in boys, in regions related to impulse control attitudes and aggressive behaviors.

Hitting a child, insulting, scorning and simply not paying enough attention to every child, modifies his life entirely.

Prevent and deter child abuse in all its expressions is a task for everyone. A child may not be diagnosed with some form of psychological or psychiatric problem and be suffering abuse. A healthy mind is a healthy life.


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