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Choosing Right Multivitamins is Essential for Your Health

By on August 3, 2012 in Health with 0 Comments

One of the most prevalent fads about multivitamins is that you can just pop a few of these pills and that they will cover you for simply every possible diet deficiency that you might harbor.

No matter what the ad on the television set says and what the sales guy tells you while making the pitch, there is absolutely no single ‘magic pill’’ out there which you can consume and then neglect the rest of your diet. An unbalanced and poor diet will eventually catch up, irrespective of what multivitamins you use and at what dosage.

But, moving forward considering that you do take care of your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle, there is still a necessity for a multivitamin supplement, as a normal diet might miss out on essential and complete vitamin and mineral content. This is especially true in case of those who stick to a vegetarian diet.

That said, unnecessary and excess use of multivitamins or a heavy cocktail can be  harmful for health and most often money spent on that goes down the drain, quite literally! (Since, the body simply rejects the excess as waste).

To get the results you need, your multivitamins must hit the regions that your diet is missing. Someone who does not consume dairy products must beef up on calcium content, while vital minerals like zinc are most often required for all. Pick a pill that is suited to your age group and demographic.

There are wide varieties of multivitamins out there and each of them is tuned to certain section of population. Kids, teenagers, women and elderly, all need different mineral and vitamin intake and hence a different pill to fill the gap in their diet.

While men should keep an eye out for Vitamins, women most often need iron-rich pills and folic acid to ensure their body functions well. But there is no one magic pill that works for all and the best way to move forward is to contact a reliable physician or dietician that you trust, who will analyze your lifestyle and suggest the necessary multivitamin dosage.


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