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Common cold prevention

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Flu and common cold are common to winter; they appear during the whole year and often occur during springtime. It is of course much better their prevention, than visiting a doctor. Here are some advises on how to prevent common cold:

–          Maintaining proper hygiene it’s most important thing in preventing any disease, wash your hands regularly. You must do it when going in public transport and offices, keep your hands from your face, unless they are clean.

–          To boost immune system you should drink green tea, it is good for many other things. You can also add lemon juice or honey for even greater effects.

–           Eating garlic will surely help you prevent common cold, because garlic is natural alternative to antibiotics and antiseptics. If you can eat it raw, you can smash it and mix it with honey, and consume one tea spoon.

–          An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Apples are used as a natural way for prevention of flu, cold and bronchitis. Apples are rich in minerals and Vitamin C and help fight many viruses and bacteria.

–          Drinking more fluids will help the body detoxifications. Toxins contained in the body are eliminated through the urine, so more fluids, especially water, will reduce toxins in the body. Two litters of water, or eight glasses, are enough for a day.

–          Yogurt is good for the health overall, it has many vitamins and minerals and probiotics too, can reduce the chance to catch cold by 25 %.

–          Moderate fitness or any other sports can help make better immune system, but you should not exceed with the workouts.

–          Eating well is good for prevention, good for the immune system, so always try to maintain balanced diet and include various foods.


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