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Curing or Preventing Cancer?

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How many of our relatives, friends or even us, who have to fight with cancer? Cancer has been the number one killer after stroke and heart diseases and it seems that there is no sign of decreasing amount of people who suffer from cancer. Unfortunately, the rates of cancer patients are increasing. How can we change this horrible phenomenon and keep ourselves free from this fatal disease?

There is a fact that not many people know. Cancer is actually preventable. Other than its inheritance factor, cancer is caused by our own lifestyles and environment. Most of us do not realize that we build toxins within our body through preserved and processed foods along with those junk foods that we and our kids eat daily.

So, what can we do? Processed foods and chemical substances are around us. One important step is avoiding ourselves into taking those foods. Special diets like consuming fresh veggies and fruits are strongly recommended, It is also important to consume organic foods. They are tasty and affordable. Other options for healthier foods include brown rice, tuna and other kinds of fish.

Combine those healthy foods with active, energetic lifestyle. Exercise is a must because we are inhaling more oxygen during exercises or any active movement. Cancers cannot grow within a body which is rich of oxygen. There is no need to do hard-lifting exercises. Brisk walk, biking and jogging are more than just enough to have our body full of good oxygen.

Stress is also the best trigger of cancer that most of us cannot avoid. Stress can weaken our body that leads to lower system of immune. High level of stress can make our body becomes acidic which is the best environment for the growing viruses, bacteria and cancers. Enjoy our lives by taking meditation or yoga, or listening to some relaxing music. Preventing is much better than curing and we can start right away!


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