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Depression red alert

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Depression means having a dejected mood and being in low spirits. Depression only brings negative thoughts making a person feel sad, hopeless, worried, worthless, irritable and hurt. Having a depressed mood is normal and can be because of different reasons like losing a job, financial crisis etc. This depressed mood, if stays for more than a normal period of time, leaving a person uninterested to life’s activities can make it a serious psychological problem.


People with depression tend to have suicidal tendencies. If you see a person in depression with following warning signs, help them:

  • Talking about suicide and death
  • Staying away from people
  • Interacting less
  • Easily irritable
  • Being lethargic and uninterested

Some people indulge themselves in activities like smoking, drinking, taking drugs to relieve themselves from stress which only creates more mess in their minds, increasing their mental illness.


If you think you’re depressed, talk it out. Put your feelings in to words; speak about your problems to a loved one. If that looks challenging to you, writing a poetry or prose or art might help you. Watch movies that fill good spirits in you. Pay attention to your attire and appearance more often to draw attention away from problems. Try something new that makes you and people around you happy and gets you some attention and appreciation.

If you’re an employee, try not to be a workaholic and spend some time relaxing. Stay happy and give yourself a reward after every worthy achievement.

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