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Diet of 400 Calories

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For those who intend to start a diet, do not deprive yourself of all the flavors that you like the most. Instead try this innovative diet called ‘the diet of 400 calories.’ According to its founder, Liz Viccariello, it is very effective. It ‘s a very simple diet to follow, which helps you feel satiated and dosed well the energies of your body. Apparently, the diet will help you lose many pounds and will not let you be in a state of depression, because it allows the use of some food fats.

The diet of 400 calories is based on three or four meals a day when you take 400 calories at a time. In short, the total daily calories you take about is 1,600. It ‘a diet that also allows a reduction in appetite, essential for those who just cannot give up eating. Foods that you can safely eat during this diet of 400 calories are fruits and vegetables, chicken and turkey, beef, eggs, shrimp, nuts and olives, avocado, humus, pasta, bread, rice, cheese and low fat skimmed milk .

Here’s a sample diet of 400 calories:

Breakfast :

  • bagel with a half serving of cottage cheese
  • iced coffee with skim milk and a teaspoon of sugar

Lunch :

  • a muffin
  • scrambled egg and a half
  • ΒΌ cup Avocado
  • a sottiletta light

Snack :

  • half cup of humus
  • a portion of carrot sticks and red pepper
  • six crackers


  • Pasta Bolognese

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