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Dieting and The Amount of Calories Required

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There are some misunderstandings about calories intake and good proper diet. Dieters often reduce calories or eliminate them because they think that they can reduce their weight faster. They prefer to reduce calories and do not add nutritional foods that their bodies need. Such opinion should be revised because everyone still needs calories in proper amount to help metabolism and fat burning process.

Calories are also essential for the development and growth of body structure. Everyone needs calories for boosting their energy in dealing with their regular activities. People have to work, think, building immune system and regenerating body cells. Calories remain as the main energy source and this is why nobody should take this for granted.

How many calories that humans need for their daily activities? There is a common opinion that men need 2,700kCal and women require 2,100 kCal. This is not an absolute regulation because people have different activities and body metabolism. Doctors’ recommendation is needed for those who do not have any idea on taking calories in proper amount.

Check out the lists below for the requirements of calories that everyone needs

  • Fats – cheese, meats, butter, vegetable oils and all fried foods. Each food per gram contains 4000kcal
  • Carbohydrates  – rice, bread, cereal, potatoes. Each food per gram contains 4000kcal
  • Proteinsmeats, eggs, dairies milk. Each food per gram contains 4000kcal

Other than those energy sources, everyone still needs some sugary food that they can get when they drink their favorite beverages. Yet, there are some low calorie sugar products for diabetics people. Keep in mind that taking adequate amount of water is another essential thing to balance the calories intake. Water can dissolve fats, carbohydrates, and proteins easily throughout the body for the faster process of metabolism. Do not suffer yourself in reducing your favourite foods. Just enjoy your life.



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