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Diseases that can be healed with healthy food

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Some of the diseases that we meet in everyday life do not require medicines in all cases. By combining different types of food we can cure many diseases.

High Temperature can be lowered with fruit yogurt

While your organism is preparing a battle against infections you can help yourself with fruit yogurt. Fruit yogurt accelerates your metabolism and regenerates the energy, normally because of that, body temperature falls. The fastest and the best intervention against high body temperature is fruit yogurt, than in case of this state you can help your body with some tasty yogurt.
Yeast infection – Yogurt

In a case of some Yeast infections best way to prevent them is to drink yogurt. People that consume yogurt regularly have 75% smaller chance of risk to get some of these infections.  If you already suffer from this kind of infection, always drink yogurt, because with its good bacteria`s will be of a great help for you.

Infection of the bladder – Red huckleberry juice

With only two cups of red huckleberry juice per day you can prevent multiplying bad bacteria`s in the bladder, especially one of the worst bacteria`s Escherichia Coli which is the main agent for bladder infections.

PMS – Cheese

Cheese is a product rich with calcium. Many researches made by professional doctor’s state that, food enriched with calcium abates symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome.

Common colds – soup, tea

This is very ordinary cure, but works always. It is good for lung infections and respiratory system problems, it`s for rehydration if a person suffers from a high temperature, rhinitis and other symptoms of common colds. Mountain tea is one of the best natural medicines, can be used warm or cold it prevents common colds, high temperatures, infections, cures stomach problems etc.


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