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Diseases to look out for: Depression

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Depression is quite a complex mental ailment. It relates with the following of these:

  • Self-criticism
  • Helplessness
  • Sadness
  • Consternation
  • Languidness
  • Concentration loss
  • Reclusion
  • Appetite loss
  • Social isolation

They can differ from one person to another and the symptoms are also quite different. Depression and bad mood are used interchangeably. Most people complain that they are a bit depressed. The reason behind it is some sadness for recent events. They may also wake up tired or have low energy level.

Depression is much more complex and serious than people think. It’s another state of mental illness which is hard to eliminate and can’t be healed by empty words. Depression is related with every aspect of a person’s life. Other people surrounding the depressed person are disturbed. The depressed person loses the will to move and live. It is difficult to remove the depressing thoughts and in vain complications.

Curing depression

1: Depression is serious and can’t be ignored just like that. This illness can’t be cured itself.

2: Convince the person in depression to visit a therapist and make him do it. Most depression victims never take the medical help they so need. The therapist can psychiatrists can’t be replaced exactly.

3: Ensure not to criticize the person suffering from depression. The more a person knows about depression, the more helping and caring a person tends to become. Sometimes people also have suicidal thoughts too. Give all the love and just be supportive.

4: The depressed person is waging a war against himself and its quite one thing to wage a war at one front whilst taking criticism from outside world. Persistence wins in the end. Depression is long and hard. Keep battling till the end. Depression can also be inflicted on a person. So be ready mentally for a depression attack.


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