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Do You Have Sensitive Skin? Check out These Skin Care Tips

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How can we know that we have sensitive skin? The indication is the skin can easily rash when it has direct touch with some products of cosmetics or even dirt. If this becomes your main problem, then you should pay attention on how to deal with details of the skin care process. Everyone can have sensitive skin, no matter what her skin types are.


Dry skin can suffer from sensitive skin when it is not taken car regularly. When a person with dry skin feel irritated after applying makeup, then her skin should be moisturized and hydrated. One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean dry skin is by using special products which are free from sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). The use of moisturizer with deep hydrating substance is a must for the day though using sunscreen moisturizer is also a must thing to do, especially for those who are active on outdoor activities. It is strongly advised to use moisturizer with antioxidants during the night.


For those who have oily skin, skin care treatments should be done more seriously. Oily skin is prone to acne, so it is recommended to wash face at least twice in a day. Choose the appropriate cleanser for oily, sensitive skin. For the cleansing toner, choose the one with free alcohol ingredients because the toner can help in closing pores and will not lead to irritated skin when it is alcohol free. For the choices of moisturizers, opt the one, which is free from lanolin or mineral oil as it will make the skin produce more oil. Still, there are some treatments needed like applying dead sea mud or facial masks for oily, sensitive skin.


The best step to keep our sensitive skin in its best condition is to keep it from strong sun exposure. Protecting the skin by applying sunscreen for the proper skin types will be the best thing to do. Using umbrella or wearing hat is also recommended because sun blocks or sunscreen is not enough to protect the skin face.


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