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Doga: Yoga for stressed dogs in the United States

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Dog owners who are also lovers of yoga can now combine your passion for exercise with their pets in DOGA classes. Yoga for dogs called “DOGA”, a word derived from the union of yoga with the English word “dog”.

This form of yoga was designed to end the stress of pets. And it shows. After 30 minutes of Doga, even most unruly puppy relaxes and even goes to sleep. With the help of an instructor, any dog can ​​perform traditional yoga postures. 

After performing various positions, owners will notice that breathing of the dogs will be synchronized with theirs and instructors, ending in a successful and relaxing class. The yoga teacher, Annie Appleby was inspired to begin classes after her Pomeranian puppy began to copy the moves her instructor made during a workout.

“She saw what he was doing and began to imitate a movement called” Downward Facing Dog “without any problem as it is a position that dogs do naturally,” Annie said. “When I started classes with a group of customers, I thought it would last only a few weeks but I’ve been doing it  for two years now.”

Annie says that one hour classes at the YogaForce in San Francisco, California, are a great way for owners to have a good relationship with their pets. The classes offer the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and join more with their owners. Actually there is plenty of exercise for dogs in the canine yoga, but it is very beneficial to do anything humans interact more with the dogs.

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