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Efficient detox diet – 5 kilograms in 8 days

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Recently detox diets are among the most popular ones, they are recommended by nutritionist, fitness athletes and movie stars. Nutritionists from all around the world say the main purpose is not only to lose kilograms, but it is important to do that in a healthy way.  The goal of one diet is to promote detoxification of the human organism and disposal of the accumulated toxins.

Only fresh fruit and vegetable have the necessary vitamins and elements for detoxification of the body. This diet includes very small number of calories and it should be repeated once in 4 months. Also you need to drink a lot of water and green tea during the diet.

First day is for cleaning and you consume only 100% natural drinks from fresh fruits and vegetables; oranges, kiwi, apples, grapefruits, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, beetroot or some others vegetables or fruits you like.

Second day you have 450 grams of cottage cheese and 4 cups of yogurt.

Third day you have fresh season salads with little olive oil without salt, also you can eat boiled chicken for lunch and for supper.

The fourth Day is identical with the first day, concerning daily menu contains only of 6 glasses of natural drinks.

These four days are the most important of the diet. Next days of the diet include 4 egg whites, curd, yogurt, fish and chicken and along with that you need to eat 2 or 3 fresh salads.

This regime can last more than four days if your purpose is to lose more weight. Menu should be focused protein and dietary fibers, no sugars and fats and that is why this diet guarantees reducing your body fat and kilograms. After this diet you need to avoid unhealthy food if you don’t want to gain weight again.


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