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Excessive Sweating in Women: Tips to Stay Dry

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Sweating too much? Find out how you can control excessive sweating:

1.) Limit Spicy Foods and Caffeine

Caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and colas, and spicy food can cause sweating. You can use milder herbs instead of strong spices to add flavor to your food. Keep a food and drink journal to help you identify which food or drinks make you sweat heavily.

2.) Bathe With Care

Bathe daily using a mild soap. If you have problems with body odor, try using an antibacterial soap to reduce bacteria on the skin. When bacteria mix with sweat, they cause odor. Be sure to dry off completely, since bacteria and germs thrive in dampness.

3.) Choose the Right Clothes

Loose-fitting clothes and natural fabrics like cotton let air circulate around your skin, which slows the buildup of moisture. When you exercise, wear wicking fabrics that pull moisture away from your skin. Keep a handkerchief  handy in case your sweating becomes excessive.

4.) Reduce Stress

Stress can cause sweating, and excessive perspiration can cause stress. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and biofeedback can help control your triggers and lessen the effects of sweating. Join a yoga class, or just set aside a little time every day to meditate.

5.) Find the Right Antiperspirant

Aluminum-based antiperspirants work by blocking sweat gland ducts. Apply a thin layer of antiperspirant to towel-dried skin before bed. The active ingredients can start working while you sleep. Then reapply in the morning. Deodorants reduce odor, but don’t affect wetness. For severe symptoms, your doctor may recommend a prescription-strength antiperspirant.

6.) Keep Your Cool

Lower temperatures at home and at work can help reduce sweating. It may be with the use of an air conditioner, fan, or simply by opening the windows to keep air moving. Drink plenty of cold water and take cool showers or baths. Dress in layered clothing so you can remove or add layers as the temperature changes. In summer, stay out of the sun and do strenuous activities in the morning.

7.) Stay Healthy

Obesity, smoking, and drinking alcohol can cause or intensify heavy sweating. So maintain a healthy weight, say no to cigarettes, and limit excessive alcohol consumption. Not only will you reduce sweating, but you’ll also feel better and reduce your risk of many diseases.



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