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Exercises for legs

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It’s never a question. The legs of Jennifer Aniston are among the finest in Hollywood—proportionate, smooth, and shiny.

Jennifer Aniston

With 2 minutes of these isometric exercises, you can get similar well-toned legs: stimulation of circulation, muscle tone and a new sense of lightness. The important thing is to put all the possible force and maintain the contraction for 6-8 seconds. Whether at home or in office, you can definitely do these simple exercises.

1) Get a book, put it on the ground and grasp it between your toes, straining muscles from the hip down.

2) Remove your shoes. Put left big toe on your right foot, then push your left foot down with all the energy you have. Repeat the exercise by placing your right toe on left foot.

3) Cross your ankles and using feet as resistance, try to disentangle them from each other.

4) Rest the right foot on the left ankle. Now, add an effort to raise the left while pushing down with your right. Repeat the exercise in reverse and then relax.

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