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Exercises for Neck Pain

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The neck pain is one of the most common complaints that we suffer today. Too much work, computer time, stress and poor posture are among the causes of this widespread malaise, and we do not take into account, until this interferes our daily life’s activities. Today, we show you some exercises for neck pain that you can take a few minutes daily.

The following exercises are designed to improve range of motion and stretch the neck muscles, increasing their ability to withstand the postural demands you need every day without causing tension or stiffness.

Flexion: With the chin parallel to floor (starting position), lower head slowly trying to bring your chin to your chest, hold 5 seconds and slowly return to starting position.

Extension: take your head back slowly without forcing it (let alone fall weight) and return to the starting position.

Rotation: Starting from the front, rotate your head to the right and then left. Do the movement slowly.

Lateralization: Slowly drop your head to one side and then the other. Move only the head, preventing the accompanying shoulder movement.

Retraction: Starting from the initial position, try to stick your chin and hold 5 seconds, then relax.

Make these exercises every day and see how soon they can decrease neck pain.

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