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Factors that tend to increase your risk for ulcerative colitis disease

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Ulcerative colitis is part of the diseases that cause inflammation or ulcers to your bowels that are usually very uncomfortable, painful and usually bleed sometimes. There are numbers of causes of the same ranging from heredity to a compromised or a low immunity and many others.



However, some factors that could make one vulnerable or susceptible to this disease and some of these factors are what we will focus on this article which includes the following;

1. Ulcerative colitis could occur basically at any age depending on the individual, but in most cases it is below thirty years old which in some people it may prolong up-to when they are in their fifties or sixties.

2. As far as race is concerned, the whites tend to have a higher risk than the African Americans as well as the Asian though the Ashkenazi Jewish have an even greater risk that any other race.

3. Another risk factor is when you have a family history of ulcerative colitis maybe a very close relative that has or suffered from this disease before, then your risk of getting down with the same will be a little higher .

4. A person’s gender isn’t really of any advantage because some particular diseases would affect a particular gender much more than the other, but in the case of ulcerative colitis, both men and women are at an equal risk of the same.

In conclusion since this disease affects the inner lining for the large intestine and could cause severe debilitating symptoms, then knowing some of the things that could expose you to getting the disease cause put you in a position whereby you will start to avoid some of them so that the overall risk would be reduced.


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