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Know the signs and symptoms of kidney failure

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Kidney failure, is usually the end stage of most kidney diseases. The signs and symptoms, develop gradually over time, and if easily identify is a good way to early diagnosis and treatment to prevent further damage or complications. Some of the symptoms and signs of kidney damage are;

1. Changes in the amount of water input and output, in other words there is an imbalance in the water level which leads to a low amount of urine being excreted or there is a large volume of urine being eliminated.

2. The muscles will be having some cramps and twitches as a result of the failure of the kidney to eliminate the unwanted substances from the body that become obnoxious.


3. Swelling of the legs and feet is another sign or kidney failure.

4. Feeling too tired and very weak is another symptom of kidney failure.

5. Loss of appetite or anorexia is another symptom that can be accompanied with nausea and vomiting sometimes.

6. Due to the inability of the kidney to eliminate the toxic substances from the body, unexplained persistent body itching is usually another sign of kidney failure.

7. In extreme condition when the kidney cannot eliminate excess fluids, the fluids could accumulate in the lungs and cause problems with breathing, e.g. shortness of breath or dyspnea.

8. High blood pressure that is usually difficult to control or manage is usually another symptom of kidney failure.

In conclusion, some other signs and symptoms like chest pain when the fluids surround the lining of the heart as results of failure of the kidney to eliminate the excess fluids from the body. These and other signs and symptoms are essential in pointing towards pending kidney failure and so if there is something that could be done it should be done promptly.

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