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Facts about Goat Milk

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Do you know goat milk has more benefits to offer than cow milk? Well, I have many reasons to prove this. Let us see why goat milk is said to be healthier than cow milk.

Goat milk VS cow milk:

Goat milk is not associated with lactose intolerance and if it is, this is very rarely seen.

Goat milk is said to be homogenized naturally.

As compared to cow’s milk, goat milk is not as allergic.

Goat milk takes less time to digest and is easily digestible.

Going into a little detail:

Allergies are commonly seen due to consumption of cow’s milk but this is less seen in goat milk. This is because, allergy precursor that is Alpha s1 Casein is found abundantly in cow’s milk as compared to goat milk.

When you keep a glass of both types of milk in the fridge, you won’t see any layer in goat milk when you take it out in the morning, unlike cow’s milk where two distinct layers are visible.  The layer became possible due to the presence of agglutinins which result I separate layers. For this reason, dairy industries undergo homogenization to destroy agglutinins.

Goat milk is easily digestible because of the small chains of fatty acids.

Goat milk contains less lactose hence less risk of lactose intolerance.

Goat’s milk contain more amount of essential fatty acid than cow’s milk.

Goat’s milk also contain a lot of important nutrient and minerals such as potassium etc.

These were some of the reasons why you should include goat milk in your diet.




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