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Facts about Whey protein

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We would be nothing without proteins. From our genetic make-up, to the skin which is covered by hair, and the significant cellular structures inside the cell, all are made up of proteins. Not only at a cellular level are proteins the building blocks, but for the gross structures as well. The importance of intake of appropriate amount of proteins in diet cannot be denied at all. But what kind of protein is whey protein?

Whey protein is derived as a by-product when cheese is made from cow milk. It contains peptides, salt, water and fats. Milk is made up of two major proteins. Casein is the one which we all know about; the second one is ‘Whey’ protein which we are discussing right now. This leftover protein gives you so many benefits if you include it in your diet.

What benefits does this globular protein have to offer?

Whey protein carries essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are those amino acids that cannot be made by the body.

The two important whey proteins in cow’s milk are alpha-lactalbumin and beta-lactoglobulin. The role of alpha-lactalbumin is important for synthesis of neurotransmitter ‘serotonin’ which has impact on our mood. Beta-lactoglobulin helps fat soluble vitamins in absorption.

Whey proteins are rich in Glutathione which has anti-oxidant property thus not letting the free oxygen radicals damage the cells.

These are also rich in branched chain amino acids which have quite a role in repair of the broken muscles. Whey proteins are best for body builders because after huge amount of workouts, the requirement of proteins is increased. Whey proteins are easily digestible and also lower the levels of stress hormone which is released after stressful exercises.



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