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Feed your skin!

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Do you know that your skin absorbs up to 60 percent of the substances that it comes into contact with? The skin is our body’s largest organ. So if you want to have a healthier and younger looking skin, you must intake the right vitamins and minerals.

The alternative to cosmetic chemical formulas is to go “green”, which means using  extracts of plants and flowers. They moisturizes and regenerates our skin in synergy with essential oils, micronized minerals, vitamins, trace and marine elements (algae, pearl, chitosan).

Minerals such as calcium (energy source for cells), zinc, magnesium, manganese are necessary for all dynamic processes in cells. Algae (euglena gracilis, salicornia) rich in minerals and mucilage, awaken cellular functions,  and improve hydration, because they help retain water in the tissues. Adaptogenic plant extracts that naturally survive in extreme regimes (edelweiss, arctic berries, beets, aloe vera, rhodiola), help the skin resist external aggression.

“Proteins are the other essential nutrients to kep the skin young. Today we tend to prefer plants of wheat germ and legumes such as peas and lupins”, says Dr. Umberto Borellini, cosmetologist. “The phytoestrogens from soy extracts, sage, hops or African Kigelia,  increase the density of the dermis and its ability to retain water. ”


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