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Fight Bad Breath

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Bad breath is a problem that can bring embarrassment to you big time.  Realizing that you have bad breath is much more embarrassing. As you gear up to fight bad breath, you need to know that many people have suffered and are suffering from halitosis or bad breath. In most cases, it is  caused by the breakdown of proteins and by the action of bacteria somewhere in the mouth.

Therefore, it is important to care for oral health, not just brushing your teeth and flossing, but you have to keep clean and healthy tongue to remove any bacteria. You can do mouthwashes with home remedies made ​​with mint or basil. There are also many very good mouthwash solutions that can be purchased at pharmacies.

Some spicy or very strong foods, such as garlic, can release odor through the lungs when ingested. But it is important to know that bad breath or halitosis, is not of the stomach, the only odor from the stomach that we exhale through the mouth are those that feel when belch.

Halitosis or bad breath should not be confused with the smells coming from the food we eat and in a matter of odors, we need to know that the sense of smell in humans is the ability to adapt and get used, so that in most cases, people with halitosis are unaware of their bad breath.

The best tool to combat bad breath is the spit. If your mouth is dry, it often tends to be more vulnerable to halitosis. That’s why we usually feel that bad breath in the morning upon waking, because during sleep markedly decreases mouth saliva production. A sugar-free gum may help, or activate the production of saliva by other means to clean the mouth area with saliva.


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