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Fish Meals: What to Avoid

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When it comes to preparing fish dishes, there is a huge variety of options. Some species of fish and seafood are better than others; some have many health benefits and others are best avoided.

But when it comes to eating fish, do you know what to eat and which to avoid? We have seen that sea foods have their benefits, as they contain high levels of the miraculous omega-3. However, there are others that can make you sick and cause various health problems.

Worldwide, there are organizations that have studied the feeding of fish and have drawn up lists to help identify which ones are good and which are not. Today, we will introduce some of the fish you should avoid in your dishes.


The bluefin tuna is one of the that species should be avoided. This is due to their high mercury content. Bluefin tuna, like other species of fish, retain the content of mercury in their prey to eat.

Patagonian toothfish or Chilean sea bass

The Chilean sea bass, commonly known as Patagonian toothfish, is highly prized for their soft and delicious meat. Excessive consumption of this species has led to threaten its existence, since it has been exploited to collection. Moreover, this is another species not recommended for use in foods, also according to their high mercury content. We suggest that adults consume no more than two meals per month containing this fish. While in children, it is recommended not to eat it more than once a month.


The groupers are another species of fish that has more high mercury content and should be avoided in a meal. They are characterized by a robust body of a large size, and having a pair of big puffy eyes. They can reach up to 1 meter and weigh 40kg. Its meat is highly prized in the restaurant industry, but tit is one of the fishes that needs to be avoided.

Monkfish Lophius

This is one of the most valued in the culinary field because of its soft and tasty meat. Its appearance sometimes makes strange resemblance to a catfish by their shape and their mustaches. While it does not have high levels of mercury or substances that may affect the body, the monkfish is an endangered species due to its exploitation as special ingredient of many dishes.

Farmed salmon

Usually, farmed salmon raised in so-called “salmon farms” in tiny, close-packed pond are very prone to parasites and bacteria. At the same time, these farms tend to feed the fish with different preparations that are not always the most appropriate.

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