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Flat feet; do you know about it?

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What are flat feet?

The curve on the inner side of your foot’s sole, is known in other words as “arch of the foot”. Extremely essential, this arch provides support to the feet while walking jumping etc.
Normally, when a person stands barefooted, this arched part of the foot doesn’t come in contact with the ground.
In people with flat feet, the arch is absent; the sole is plainly flat with no curve at all.

How is the arch formed?

The muscles ligaments and bones of foot are responsible for lifting the foot from medial side forming the arch. The arches are important for supporting the feet while they bear weight.
Flat feet seen in children are due to the presence of baby fat, veiling the developing arch.
The arch develops during the age of almost 4-6 years.

Flat feet in adults:

Adults seem to have flat feet because of the following reasons:
Stress on the foot
Injury to the foot
Any illness of foot
Flat feet may also be present in pregnant women, disappearing after the child birth soon.

Signs and symptoms:

Pain in:
Foot arches;

Living with the condition:

Flat feet cannot be cured. The best way to deal with them is to provide them support in a way that alleviates pain and spares one from bizarre postures. Ankle braces and fitted insoles (arch supporting) should be used regularly. Also, high heel shoes should be avoided.



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