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Flexibility Exercises

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Do you wake up tired with aching muscles? Do you feel your body rigid during the day? If so, then you need a bit of elasticity so that your body stays relaxed and your muscles and joints to move more freely. Here are a few exercises of elasticity, so you can start practicing.


To work on flexibility and prevent muscle contractures, the first thing you do is start with a warm-up routine, about 5 minutes, where a little jogging, or jumping for you to keep warm. Then you can practice exercises like the ones shown below:

Stretch back

Nothing better to relax your back and feel free of tension, which can be achieved by stretching or yoga . To do this, stand with your feet apart to the width of your shoulders, lift your arms over your head, hands together and bring your body back. Thus, following the natural movements of your body can relax muscles and joints.

Bend your body forward

While controlling your breathing, inhale gently, bring your body forward, causing the fingers to touch your hands to the ground. This will relax the back and feel how your legs are working their elasticity. Stay in this position for 4 seconds (after the time is increasing), exhale and stand up, to continue to perform the exercise 10 times.

Side Stretch

Stand with feet slightly apart and raise your right arm, tilting your body to the left. Push your hips to the right to increase exercise intensity. Control your breath and exhale as you return to the starting position. Do it twice to the same side and then switch sides. Perform 10 repetitions to start.


This exercise will help to achieve greater flexibility with your legs. Do as if you were to take a big step with one leg and bring your body weight on that leg, twice. Then switch legs and perform a series of 10 repetitions.

With these exercises, you will improve your flexibility and feel much better physically.

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