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Food Preservation

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The food preservation has been practiced for hundreds of years. Its main objective is to extend shelf life, avoiding the presence of unwanted organisms, and maintaining (as much as possible) their nutritional value.

There is a variety of ways to preserve food. The cooling , for example, is one of them. Some food is properly in our refrigerator while others require more cooling. To do that, we maintain them in the freezer.

The methods of preserving foods include vacuum sealing, canning and bottling (the latter are especially useful for keeping preserves, jams and jellies). In turn, carefully wrapping food (e.g., with a plastic sheet and then with aluminum foil) is also a way to prevent breakdown.

Other methods of preservation include drying, salting or curing and irradiation. In addition, food preservation can be achieved through pasteurization and lactic fermentation. All these methods of food preservation can be applied individually or combined, depending on the particular food.

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