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Foods that help lose weight

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People today have many responsibilities, got families to take care for, got to go to work every day and have less and less time for their own. If you want to make a better physique and health, or just lose some weight you have to do some serious amounts of exercise, but not only exercise is important for achieving this. Your daily diet and nutrients is also very important. Certain foods possess the ability to burn your fat and make you leaner; they have high thermogenic effect and help you reduce weight, so here are some of those foods:

–          Whole grains are very rich in fiber and your body will burn more calories to process them, going for oatmeal for breakfast or brown rice for lunch is always a good option.

–          Lean meats, are packed with protein so they are especially crucial to your diet if you do exercise, protein is the food for your muscle. About 30 % of the calories they provide are actually used to digest them. Natural sources, such as beef, goat, or lean pork meat are the best way to get protein.

–          Low fat yogurt and dairy products are also good sources of protein, they are also rich in calcium and Vitamin D, which also help maintain and create muscles.

–          Green tea has been proved in maintain lean physique and losing weight, it is also incredibly healthy and protective. You can have up to 4 cups of tea.

–          Chili peppers are one of the foods with very high thermogenic effect, you can eat them raw, dried or you can cook them, in chili is the compound Capsaicin which helps burn extra calories. Mustard is also one of the foods that have high thermogenic effect and including it in your diet will help lose some calories more.


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