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Foods to eat when stressed out

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Stressed up? Eat some chocolate. No, this is no joke. Some foods help you calm down and live life without stress. When you know about these foods that can give you a soothing sense, this will help you stay relaxed and cool so that you stay away from stress. We all know that stress and worrying is not good for our physical and mental health and therefore it is best to stand back from all those things that have the potential to deteriorate our health status.

If you eat the following food when stressed out, you will feel way better.

  • Chocolate contain mood boosting chemicals which include flavonoids, enkephalins and serotonin. Chocolate make you feel happy and give you a pleasure feeling. You experience delight, gratification and comfort when you eat chocolate.
  • Try to add foods that are rich in zinc. This is because zinc has a lot of influence on your mind and mood. Nuts can help you.
  • Eat Asparagus because it is rich in folate. Folate can help you stay calm.
  • Glutathione, found abundantly in avocados, reduces oxidative damage by minimizing fat absorption from the intestine. This is another way of getting the body out of internal stress. ¬†Avocados also in stored in them vitamin E, lutein, beta-carotene as well as folate.
  • Cashews are great combination of fats and proteins and those who are worried about losing weight can include cashews in diet.
  • Anthocyanin, found in blueberries, are anti-oxidants that have a great role in reducing stress. Berries are also rich in Vitamin C which is another ingredient to fight off stress.

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