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For White Teeth and Fresh Breath

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Nice smile is very important thing when you communicate with someone and for nice smile the most important thing are white and nice teeth. Not only for communication, but you need to take care of your mouth health and after every meal you need to wash your teeth with a brush and toothpaste.Beside the toothpaste which is not expensive there also other thing that helps for cleaning your teeth and those things can be found in your home. On what do we think?

Green tea is very healthy for your organism and there are many proofs for that. Beside the facts that the green tea is nice for your body and line, this herb also protects your teeth from caries, bad breath and many other mouth problems.

People like to drink lemonade or you need lemon juice for some other reason. You can use this chance and rub your teeth with lemon bark. This is a nice way to clean the layers of food from your teeth and reveal the nice white color behind those layers, but do not exaggerate because the lemon acid can damage your tooth enamel.

After cleaning your teeth with a tooth paste you can wash your mouth with sage, this will refresh your breath. When we talk about leaves, than we must mention parsley, it is recommended to eat parsley leaves because of the positive effect on the tooth enamel; also with parsley you can remove the smell of onion and garlic. Strawberries are also effective for whitening your teeth, rub them with few squeezed strawberries and you whiten your teeth and refresh your breath.

In the end, everybody has heard of sodium bicarbonate. You can use it to whiten your teeth, but don`t do it too much because you will damage your enamel.


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