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Four Treatments to Consider Before Your Christmas Party

By on August 29, 2013 in Lifestyle with 0 Comments

christmas partyIt’s September already! It surprises me each year when the X Factor starts, the summer draws to a close, and the Halloween decorations begin to line the seasonal aisle of the supermarket.

I like to think of Halloween as a small distraction for my kids as it keeps them preoccupied for a short while until Christmas rolls around; saying that the festive season in my household is popular is a definite understatement – it’s massive to us!

Both sets of grandparents come around, the kids have great fun opening their presents and then we sit down to a big meal.

However, for me, the season actually kicks off a bit earlier than Christmas day itself, as I always look forward to the work party we have at the beginning of December. I love getting prepped and primed ahead of the big day, and always spend a long day in the shops finding the perfect outfit and accessories. I would say that I enjoy the beauty treatments even more though as it is a chance to enjoy some “me time”. Here are a few of the things I get done, which you might want to consider ahead of your own party this year…

Haircut and style

My favourite treatment is simply having my hair seen to. I don’t think there is anything quite as relaxing as letting my stylist get to work, first washing my hair (with an added head massage) and then banishing my split ends to the floor. It helps that I get given a glass of wine and a magazine to pass the time; it’s absolute bliss! Some sessions in the hairdressers can be pretty long if you need to get a conditioning treatment or hair colouring so make sure to book your appointment before the party day itself.

Manicure and pedicure

Something that shouldn’t take much more than an hour is a manicure or pedicure. Even in December, I’d still prefer to wear my party frock without tights, which means that my toes would be on show with peep toe heels. I love to get these done in a deep red which reflects the seasonal theme; for my hands I’ll tend to choose a classic French manicure done with shellac gel polish.

Leg wax

As my legs will be bare of stockings, I make sure that they are nice and smooth as well. It’s not always easy fitting shaving into my shower routine before heading to work, and I certainly don’t want any razor cuts ruining my outfit. I book my waxing appointment for a few days before the event just in case I experience any irritation as this leaves enough time for it to subside.

Skin peel

I like to get my makeup done at a beauty counter in a big department store, but first I want to make sure my skin is looking as healthy as possible. I cut certain foods out of my diet and book a succession of appointments at Skinviva to get a skin peel – I find it helps to achieve a certain glow, as well as targeting fine lines.


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