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Garbanzo beans and their health benefits

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Do you know that if you boil 100 grams of Garbanzo Beans without adding any salt, what would you get? Well you would get:

Calories 164

Protein 8.86 grams

Fiber 7.6 grams

Minerals in Garbanzo Beans:

Following is a list of minerals that are found in Garbanzo Beans while some are present in very low amount:

Potassium – 291 mg

Phosphorus – 168 mg

Calcium – 49 mg

Magnesium – 48 mg

Iron – 2.89 mg

Sodium – 7 mg

Manganese – 1.03 mg

Zinc – 1.53 mg

Copper – 0.352 mg

Selenium – 3.7 mcg

Vitamins in Garbanzo Beans:

Following is a list of vitamins that are found in Garbanzo Beans while some are present in very low amount:

Vitamin C – 1.3 mg

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) – 0.116 mg

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 0.063 mg

Niacin – 0.526 mg

Pantothenic Acid – 0.286 mg

Vitamin B6 – 0.139 mg

Folate – 172 mcg

Vitamin A – 27 IU

Vitamin E – 0.35 mg

Vitamin K – 4 mcg

Health Benefits Garbanzo Beans:

It is quite interesting when you read the health benefits of the foods that you eat. Here are some advantages of eating garbanzo beans:

Garbanzo beans are an excellent source of dietary fibers including both the soluble as well as insoluble ones.

These act as detoxifying agent.

These are great for diabetics for they have a low glycemic index.

Garbanzo beans improve your immunity.

Due to the fact that Garbanzo beans are rich in iron, they act as a great food for women who suffer from iron deficiency anemia. By replenishing the iron supply, Garbanzo beans help pregnant, menstruating and lactating women from getting anemic.

Garbanzo beans are good for heart.

It is important to note that patients who have sulfide sensitivity may show some symptoms and eating excess amount of Garbanzo beans may lead to kidney stones. So consume Garbanzo beans in moderate quantity.

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