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General examination of sleep

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A human’s health depends on a nice sleep. So it is highly important to take a good night’s sleep and maintain a healthy mind. Daily routine and stress can affect sleep. The mattress plays an important role in sleeping too.

The French believe that mattress imposes an impact on the standard of living and sleep is reliant on a wonderful mattress for that matter.

The quality of sleep is also dependent on the kind of mattress used. While moving from an old mattress to a new mattress, sleep duration increases. Also, long duration in sleep is observed. It makes night pleasant and wonderful to sleep in. after a good night’s sleep, one is ready and charged up for the day.

Do change the mattress after every ten years. It has worn out its life.

Sleep is important for maintaining our health. Poor sleep imposes a negative effect on the body. It can create problems. An unpleasant sleep can cause a troubled day. Few sleep hours can make a person agitated and irritated. It can also create weight gain. An eight hour sleep is best advised and it feels good after an eight hour sleep.

Sleep deprivation can cause weight gain and affect negatively on a human body. It changes the way it stores carbohydrates. The levels of hormones are also affected thereafter. The immunity is also affected in this case.

The disadvantages of less sleep or poor sleeping are:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Impatience
  • Irritation
  • Agitation
  • Mood swings
  • Weary to carry out day’s work

The adults need seven hours of sleep every night. Children need a bit more. Sleep is taken for granted but it affects our system likewise.

Sleeping eight hours a day decreases heart as well as brain ailments. This being said, sleep is essential for a human body.


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